Glo 910 performs a deep subcutaneous massage that acts on the deepest layers of the skin, recreating a professional anti-cellulite massage technique at the comfort of your home. Designed meticulously for you to enjoy an effective treatment at home, comfortably and constantly, key to being successful in treating cellulite.

Its powerful motor is an element that makes it unique, to be able to apply the massage with sufficient constancy and force. It has progressive speed, so you can adjust it to your needs, it is light and ergonomic.

Glo 910 is helps stimulate blood circulation, relieve heaviness, relax the muscular fascia and break the fat nodules, sharpening the figure and smoothing orange peel.

The classic Glo 910 includes the Cellu-Active head, the accessory with the many methods of applications, with results immediately seen. You can supplement Glo910's result with the accessories that we've spefically designed to treat other skin issues. These accessories are sold separately.

Indicated to treat:


Heavy, swollen legs

Localized fat (belly, holsters, abdomen)


Muscle aches like low back pain and sciatica.