Glo910 + has 4 interchangeable massage heads that provides different kinds of treatment:

CELLU-ACTIVE: The anti-cellulite head and reducing massage; it penetrates the fat nodules and burns the fat.

CELLU-DETOX: It actively stimulates the skins' drainage;and smoothens soft cellulite. You can use cream with this head as it help enhances the effectivity of the cream. This head is the perfect choice for muscle toning and deflating the legs.

BODY-BRUSH: Experience professional dry exfoliation in just 10 min. It stimulates blood circulation, tones, exfoliates, smooths and revitalizes the skin.

SOFT-MASSAGE: Designed for the micro-exfoliation and lifting of sensitive and delicate areas (cleavage, neck, face, hand) . It also promotes relief of leg pain with varicose veins and muscle cramps.