After two months of application, the legs has been toned in a significant way, especially in the thigh and ankle area.

Women's reduce the thickness of adipose tissue in the thighs and ankles.

They improved the legs significantly

It prevents cellulite, stimulating fat cells to maintain their original shape. (**)

It prevents adipocytes from increasing in size by stimulating the burning of their internal fat. It also prevents the formation of hard nodules, by inhibiting their maturation (hardening of the outer layer) (**)

(*) In vivo test: 24 women, average age 40 years (26-52 years) application twice a day with Zingerslim 3% on the legs. Measured the thickness of the adipose tissue, circumference and volume of the leg.

(**) In vitro test: Relief effect of the hypodermis, reduction of adipose tissue (LIPOLYSIS) and protection repair of the extracellular matrix.