1. Why does it stop at approximately 20 minutes

The recommended routine is 20 minutes, besides, the device has a safety system that makes it stop after 20 minutes to avoid overheating of the motor.

2. What is each head used for and how long is each one used for?

  • Cellu-active: it breaks up the fat nodules that form cellulite. 5 minutes on each leg.
  • Cellu-detox: performs the function of lymphatic drainage. 5 minutes on each leg with upward movements.
  • Body-brush. Dry exfoliation. 1-2 times a week before showering, preferably in the morning. Activates circulation.
  • Soft-massage: tired legs, areas such as knees, ankles, décolleté, neck, arms without much fat, delicate belly, contractures, post-training. 5 minutes in each area.
3. Can the device be used while pregnant
Yes, on the legs and buttocks without any problem, in fact, it is very beneficial for fluid retention in those months. Specially for the swollen legs. It is also useful to release low back pain with the Soft-massage.

4. What is the red light for
It is photo light energy that penetrates the skin, stimulating the creation of collagen and skin elasticity.

5. Why does it work
Glo910 is currently the best massager for home use because it uses a professional motor adapted to the size and manageability of a domestic use, reaching up to 800 rpm. The heads are 10cm in diameter, which allows to treat large areas such as legs in just 10 minutes, and performs a kneading massage to break the fat nodules, reaching the deepest layers of the skin. Then we apply the Cellu-active that fraisn the broken fat through lymphatic system. Because if we don’t drain, the fat remains inside our body. The size of the wheels is also key to achieving adequate massage penetration. In addition, it incorporates LED technology (light therapy) to enhance the massage. All these features combined, allow to act on all the flanks that produce cellulite, retention, circulation, fat and elasticity.

6. Why do I get bruises
When doing such a deep massage when fat nodules are broken sometimes also break some small capillaries due they are stuck to the fat nodules. It is not serious, only aesthetic and the body will easily self-heal.

7. Can I use the device on my ankles
Yes, but not with the hard heads, cellu-active and cellu-detox, in the bone areas you should avoid passing them, better soft-massage.

8. Can I use anti-cellulite creams
Yes, but only with the cellu-detox head, the rest should be used dry.

9. How do I clean the heads
With the brush that comes inside the box or with a slightly damp cloth. The base of the device where you assembly the heads, is recommended to clean with a wet wipe.

10. How do I remove the sponges
Carefully remove the protective plastic and then remove the sponge, wash it with soap and water, dry it and replace it. 
Tip: inmerse the sponges in a glass of water and put 1 min in the microwave.

11. Can I use it if I have had knee surgery or prosthesis? Yes, always be careful after an operation, start with the soft-massage.

12. When can I use it after pregnancy on the belly? Minimum 6 months, after pregnancy all the internal organs are returning to their place and it is better not to mobilize the area, start with soft-massage.


1. Can it be used during pregnancy? No, due to its composition of essential oils.

2. Which head do I use it with? With Cellu-detox

3. How often should use it? 1 or 2 times a day.


1. Can it be used during pregnancy

Yes, on the legs. In fact, it is fully recommended for pregnant women as suffering from swollen legs.

2. How long does it last cold

10-15 minutes.

3. Does it have to be in the freezer all the time

Yes, it is best.

4. Can it be used with the oil

It is better to use it with the serum910 as this one also works for tired and swollen legs.

5. Can it be used on the belly?

No, the cold in the belly is not good.

6. Is it convenient to use if I play sports

It is very recommended to use it after doing the sport due the massage + the cold will help inflammation of the muscles decrease, reducing lactic acid so you have fewer sore muscles and your body will work more efficiently on your next training.


1. Can it be used during pregnancy? Yes, on the legs. In fact, it is fully recommended for pregnant women as suffering from swollen legs.

2. Which head should I use it with? The best combination is with Cool-legs. This way we enhance its effect. Or after Soft-massage.

3. At what time of the day is it best to use it? When you feel tired or swollen legs or after a workout.


1. How long does the charge last? About 30 pulses. 

2. What material is it made of? 100% BPA free 304 stainless steel.

3. How long does the battery charging take? 2h

4. Can it be used with other beverages besides water? It can be used, but it is designed to purify water, if used with other beverages it must be washed thoroughly.

5. How long does it last hot and cold beverage? 12h hot, 24h cold.

IMPORTANT: make sure the bottle cap is very well closed. Due the safety system we developed (as UV is harmful for the body) the UV system only works when it makes sure the cap is very well locked. To make the UV system work, press firmly on the button.