Do you want to show off spectacular legs this spring? We of course don't want you to be caught last minute without dreamy legs, so here are some of the best tips and techniques to achieve it!

With a little change in your daily habits, in a few weeks you will be able to show off beautiful legs. You do not have to give up having beautiful legs, just follow these certain beauty secrets and tricks that we want to share with you.

To have beautiful legs, it is essential to eat a balanced diet. A bad eating habit not only favors the appearance of cellulite, but can also cause overweight. Limit contributions to:

  • saturated fats (sausages, pastries, cheeses, butter, fried foods, fatty meats...)
  • sugars (candies, sodas, cookies…)
  • salt (prepared dishes, salted meats…).

Beauty tips for heart-stopping legs

#1 advice: more comfortable shoes and less heels

When you buy shoes, choose the most comfortable and according to your size. Take advantage of current fashion, wear beautiful dress shoes, flat shoes or heels of a few centimeters or wedges. The heels stylize the figure, but it is not advisable to wear heels of no more than six centimeters.

#2 advice: drink a lot of water and little alcohol

Moderate the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Try to drink a lot of water, during and especially outside meals: at least 1.5 to 2 liters, as it helps to drain the body.

#3 advice: loose clothes over tight ones

Avoid too tight clothing, such as very tight pants, as they prevent blood from circulating normally; causing fluid retention and favoring the formation of cellulite.

#4 advice: more cold showers and less hot

Avoid hot baths and very long showers with water that is too hot. Try finishing your shower with cold water to stimulate circulation.

Tip #5: Activate circulation under the shower

Slowly run a stream of cold water 10 centimeters from your skin, from your toes to your knees, and then down again to your ankles. Repeat it every time you shower.

#6 tip: hydration

Every night, moisturize your skin with almond oil and gently massage your legs. It starts from the bottom up, in the direction of blood circulation.

Tip #7: waxing

There is no worst enemy of beautiful legs, than being without waxing. There are several hair removal systems, the ideal is that you choose the one that best suits your lifestyle, the one that makes you feel comfortable and does not damage your skin.

Tip #8: Hide blemishes

If you don't like showing off your legs because of scars or other blemishes, like varicose veins, wear stockings. There are also spray leg makeup that leaves them beautiful.

#9 tip: smooth and beautiful skin

To remove ingrown hairs and pimples, exfoliate the skin. A good dry brushing will also activate circulation and tone the skin. The skin on the legs also dries out from dead cells.

#10 advice: take care of yourself at work too

If we spend many hours sitting in an office, we should try to have a small support to elevate the legs.

  • Try to make circular movements in the ankles every two hours, to activate the circulation.
  • Get up for a walk every two hours: to the bathroom, for a glass of water...
  • The legs bear a heavy workload during the day, at night give them a break and you will see how well you feel. Put them up high to promote circulation, and help the lymphatic system not to retain liquids.

Recommended sports to tone the legs

It's no secret, in order to have beautiful legs you have to move a bit.

Try to walk 30 minutes a day and do 3 hours of sports activity a week.

The most recommended sports
To achieve the goal Perfect legs, they are aerobic, which allow to tone the muscles and stylize the figure.

  • Biking
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Zumba, aerobics…
  • Swimming

Massages are the perfect ally to show off beautiful legs

Massages help improve circulation in the legs, as well as tone them and stimulate the lymphatic system. Ideally, massage your legs daily as soon as you get out of the shower.

Lymphatic drainage
massages are more complicated to perform at home, ideally they should be performed by an expert.

To perform the massages with your hands, we recommend you use some cream or body oil to facilitate and smooth the movements.

To make your task easier and get a professional massage every day at home, Glo910 was born. It is an innovative treatment that effectively reproduces a professional massage at home by inexperienced hands.

Glo910, the professional masseuse at home

The powerful engine of Glo910®, combined with the action of its treatment heads, provides a deep subcutaneous massage that drains toxins by stimulating the lymphatic and blood systems.

Glo910® reproduces different types of massages, producing a great sensation of lightness in the legs, by draining them, mobilizing retained toxins.

In addition, it is an effective treatment to stop the cellulite process and shape the body contour, reducing volume, slimming the legs, mobilizing fat and unifying the tissue.

It has a specific head for dry exfoliation, made with natural bristles. Eliminates dead skin and imperfections, such as pimples, hard knees, ingrown hairs... remarkably beautifying the legs, while stimulating circulation.