We started with a dream

Make women feel happier and more confident with their body

In 2016, we created GLO, a Spanish company founded by women driven by a great illusion, that of ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to feel safe with her body, as a means to gain confidence and self-esteem. Our goal is to build a trusted brand, where any woman can find the best combination of products to achieve her beauty goals. We want the woman to control her time, her beauty routine and be able to customize it to her liking, whenever and wherever she wants. For this reason, at Glo we develop our own exclusive products to use at home, trying to make them comfortable and easy to use, and above all, that they work! Ixone Elosegui and Miren Gª-Chazarra Founders of Glo

Our story

As women, we know that cellulite is an aesthetic concern for women that causes frustration and, in many cases, complexes, which affect self-esteem. As professionals, we detect an opportunity, as there is no effective techno-beauty device for the treatment of cellulite. As passionate about beauty and challenges, we decided to embark on the adventure of undertaking. We combined our experience in developing and manufacturing electrical beauty devices with the knowledge of doctors, physiotherapists and engineers, and after three years of work, Glo910, our first device, was born, and with it our brand, Glo.

Miren García-Chazarra

The first device


We're so proud of it's our first Glo910 tech beauty device, which fights cellulite and soothes tired, swollen legs so they feel fabulous. A solution that works, and that has been clinically tested to demonstrate all that it is capable of. A curiosity: we call our device Glo910 because 9 out of 10 women have cellulite in their life. The brand, Glo, again represents this proportion, since the logo can be read as 910.” Ixone Elosegui

An “IN&OUT” care

Restless by nature, and from the understanding of what a woman needs, we have developed a very specialized range of natural and respectful cosmetics and nutricosmetics to maximize the beauty and well-being of women from the inside and the outside. Professional and ultra-powerful formulas, made in Spain. Our nutricosmetics are manufactured with a special process that allows us not to use artificial ingredients (such as maltrodextrin or aerosil), or preservatives or added sugars.


At GLO, we are a team of women who are passionate about feminine beauty, and as women, we understand you! We know what worries you, what your concerns are, your pace of life or the little time you sometimes have to take care of yourself and, thinking of you, we develop TOP solutions that allow you to take care of yourself like in a SPA. We want you to know that you are not alone, and that we love to accompany you on this exciting adventure of self-care, and for this we put at your disposal all possible means to be in contact and receive personalized advice from our experts.

Going a step further for women

We care about the well-being of women, beyond beauty, because we want a fairer and more equal world for all of us. For this reason, we collaborate with the Daughters Rising association by contributing a percentage of online sales. By design of life, we learned first-hand and thanks to the association Daughters Rising, the difficult situation suffered by girls and young women of the Karen ethnic group in Thailand, victims of sex trafficking. Daughters Rising works to nullify the risk factors that allow trafficking to exist. His approach uses education, employment and outreach. By breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, they address the root causes that put girls at risk.


In recognition of excellence in everything we do, we are part of the Spanish Luxury Association, Luxury Spain in the Beauty category. Luxury Spain has international recognition and is made up of more than 150 national and international companies that represent "EXCELLENCE". The prestigious international beauty and wellness awards, THE BEAUTY SHORT LIST AWARDS, have awarded 4 of our products in 2022, in two categories, Beauty and Wellness, recognizing the great quality and functionality of our products.


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