Expecting Mothers


A good self-care routine is incredibly important during your pregnancy in order for you to feel well, lessen the swelling in your legs, and help stop any new formation of cellulite while also getting rid of any existing ones. Discover beauty and well-being treatments that are perfect for expecting mom's.

Combat cellulite during pregnancy with Glo910+

With the Glo910+ device you can naturally and effectively treat cellulite and feel wonderful.

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Deflate and lighten your legs

Saving pack, add to Glo910+ the benefits of cryomassage and the Serum to revitalize legs. The perfect combination to deflate instantly and forget about heavy legs.

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Feel your skin soft like never before

Enjoy the sensation of a professional dry exfoliation in just 10 min, with the Glo910+ Body Brush head, included with the Glo910+ device. Revitalized and super soft legs!

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Take care of yourself and your baby

Omega 3 from Krill Oil from the Antarctic, a pure and rich source of DHA, for the development of the baby, your health and beauty, and helps you keep your skin elastic and hydrated!

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Enjoy fresh and pure water

Staying hydrated is vital for you and your baby, do it with pure and sterilized water with just one click and don't spend on polluting disposable bottles!

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Take care of yourself while you sleep

Delicious organic tisane to relax and rest deeply while you deflate (and helps you not to itch!)

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Noticing swollen legs?

Use Glo910's SOFT-MASSAGE soft head included in the Glo910+ device to rest your feet and legs, including your knees!

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Revitalize your legs!

A veil of hydration with a powerful anti-edema action that will fill your legs with energy.

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An extra to relieve your legs

The Cool Legs cryomassage head applies a refreshing cold massage that leaves your legs slim and light. To use if you already have Glo910 in your possession.

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I get a lot of relief from the heaviness in my legs from the cold massage, especially in hot weather.

Claudia, 35 years old


During pregnancy my legs swole a lot, and with the massage I feel a great relief

Lorena, 38 years old


I use it before going to bed and I sleep better

Cristina, 35 years old


I love it in tea for the night! It helps me rest much better and I get rid of the swelling while I sleep.

Elena, 32 years old