Are you worried about your cellulite? Do you feel that it forms an important part of your concerns? Is it affecting you in your day to day life? In order to overcome these problems, we first have to know what they consist of.

On many occasions, the effects of suffering from cellulite go beyond aesthetics, affecting a high percentage of women at different stages of their lives, and can lead to great frustration.

We believe that the best tactic is to learn and understand the ways that cellulite affects us so that we can take a proactive approach and lessen its effects on our lives.

As we have previously commented on the Blog, cellulite is a problem that affects most women after adolescence and puberty. The psychological stress caused by this problem can have different psychological consequences. For some women it may be just a simple annoyance, but for others the consequences are greater (low self-esteem, development of serious eating disorders...)

Sometimes, in an attempt to reduce cellulite, devastating diets are started, reducing the intake of foods that, as we know, can have dangerous effects on health.

However, within the effects of cellulite there are other consequences on the psychological level. An example is hiding the body under clothing for fear of showing the areas of your body affected by cellulite, or even changing the way you dress so as not to show your legs, covering yourself with a pareo in the pool or on the beach. …

Discover the consequences of the problems that cellulite can cause

Almost inevitably, women affected by cellulite suffer these consequences:

1 Feeling discomfort with an unwanted image

Many women feel frustrated when they see themselves reflected in the mirror and see the cellulite installed on their body. In addition, it is a discouraging aesthetic problem, because it is progressive, if we do not do something to stop it, it is gaining more and more ground.

2 Low self-esteem

Women who suffer from cellulite can develop feelings of insecurity and frustration. Perhaps they are too demanding with their body, but being aware of the imperfection that cellulite causes affects their confidence and self-esteem.

3 Hiding the body from others

Women with cellulite often change the way they dress. They would probably love to wear short, form-fitting dresses that show off their figure and make them feel sexy and attractive. But, they end up choosing clothes that hide cellulite and localized fat in different areas of their body. This greatly limits the style of clothing they can choose from, which is even more complicated in the summer season.

4 Risks of some rapid cellulite removal treatments.

Women affected by cellulite and wishing to eliminate this problem quickly can resort to treatments such as liposuction, which presents more risks and complications than other non-invasive treatments. In fact, liposuction sucks out the fat but does not fix cellulite, which could even make it worse. On the other hand, if you don't change your lifestyle, the fat will definitely come back. In addition to the risk of the operation, recovery is slow and will require days off from work.

Another great risk are diets without the control of doctors or nutritionists, which instead of promoting healthy habits, eliminate foods endangering health.

5 Time and money spent on treatments

There are many treatments available for the treatment of cellulite, some more effective than others. Specific creams, pills, professional treatments with equipment, liposuction... Almost all of them require time and money. We would all love to be given a daily massage, but we cannot afford this luxury, because we do not have enough time available.

Understanding the above, you will undoubtedly notice the disadvantages of not facing an effective treatment for this problem.

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Ixone Elosgui and Miren Gª-Chazarra
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