Contraindicaciones de la Maderoterapia

Contraindications of Wood Therapy

Wood therapy is an increasingly popular massage technique that uses wooden devices with different shapes, such as rollers, cups, and boards, to work on the body, with the aim of reshaping the figure. If you are considering this therapy, you may be wondering: What are the contraindications of wood therapy?

Wood therapy is a shaping and draining treatment that promises visible results from the first sessions, using various wooden massage tools. These tools are applied to the body with repetitive, deep, and continuous movements thanks to the manual action of the professional. Sessions usually last 50 minutes, and at least 10–15 sessions are usually necessary to obtain results.

It is necessary to be constant and patient. This type of massage has good results in the stimulation of microcirculation and the elimination of retained liquids.

Wood therapy uses different wooden tools to apply them to different areas of the body, depending on what you want to treat, such as cellulite. Before starting the massage, it is very crucial that the professional perform a body diagnosis and design a protocol appropriate to the needs of the person.

It is also very crucial to accompany this treatment with certain healthy habits to help the body improve and drain.

Massage can be applied to the whole body and can help to relax and release the stress accumulated in the day-to-day.

Are there any contraindications to wood therapy? Does wood therapy hurt?

Wood therapy is a natural, non-invasive massage technique, so if it is applied properly, it does not have to be counterproductive. Massage oil is used for its application, and unless you are allergic to any of its ingredients, it would not produce any negative effects.

Caution should be exercised if you suffer from any skin disease or if you are allergic to oil or wood.

The biggest complaint about this therapy is that it can hurt and cause bruising. In these cases, you should wait to perform the next session until the inflammation has subsided; otherwise, it would hurt quite a lot. It is true that when the technique is not mastered, it is possible to exert more pressure than necessary or perform an incorrect movement, and this can cause discomfort in the patient. The practitioner must be excellent.

The wood acts by friction on the upper layers of the skin to reactivate lymphatic and blood circulation; it never hits muscles or bones.

However, the fat cells that produce cellulite are at a very deep level, and it is also an area with poor retention and poor circulation. Activating circulation and draining can help improve cellulite, but to break up the fat cells, more force must be applied so that the massage is deep enough and reaches down to the muscle fascia.

Sometimes cellulite is very hard or can be painful, and the circulatory system that irrigates the area may be impaired, and kneading the area can break veins.

Although it may have many benefits, it is also not all-purpose. Massage itself does not stimulate collagen production as is sometimes claimed. Stimulating microcirculation may improve the oxygenation of cellulite tissue, but it does not stimulate collagen creation.

It is, therefore, crucial when applying a wood therapy massage:

  1. Choose a good professional; he or she must be an expert.
  2. Take care of your eating habits, drink water, move around, etc.
  3. Be patient; results are not seen quickly, especially to reduce localized fat and cellulite.

Is there an alternative treatment to wood therapy that I can apply at home and is it effective?

In principle, wood therapy has no contraindications, but as we have seen, it must be applied by professionals and should not be applied at home by oneself.

To apply at home with the aim of improving cellulite and localized fat, you can opt for an anti-cellulite electric massager, such as Glo910+, specifically designed for this purpose.

With Glo910+, you can efficiently apply the slimming massage with inexperienced hands and be constant, which is the key to success.

This technobeauty device is a great investment since it saves a lot of time and money, is easy to use, and results are noticeable in a few weeks, do you know it?