Detoxicación y Drenaje, terapia clave para eliminar la celulitis

Detoxification and Drainage: key therapy to eliminate cellulite

A "toxin" is considered to be any agent that negatively affects our body, modifying or damaging our biological balance. These toxins can enter our body through several routes:

1. Exogenous route: ingestion (digestive system), inhalation (respiratory system) or skin absorption.

2. Endogenous route: when they originate in the body itself (bilirubin, lactic acid...)

The toxins accumulate first in the extracellular space, which cause alterations in the tissue, leading to flaccidity or premature aging of the tissues, which generates edema and pain, as in the case of cellulite.

In addition, toxins can reach the nucleus of cells, causing their premature death, and therefore an effective way to detoxify and drain these toxins is vital.

Symptoms of tiredness may appear despite sleeping well and not doing strenuous activities. Prolonged fatigue is usually a sign of severe toxic overload, in which case hepatic and renal drainage support is needed.

How to perform detoxification?

Most toxins are found in the extracellular space, and will be transported by the lymphatic system to the liver and kidneys.

After detoxification, it can be excreted outside the body through the organs of excretion (urine, feces, sweat...) If there is a deficiency in the lymphatic system, the kidneys or liver will be overloaded, producing an enormous state of intoxication in the body in question. a short space of time.

For this reason, it is advisable to drain and detoxify at the same time, as unsupported drainage of the liver and kidney can cause toxin overload in these crucial organs. In addition, the body needs to have a greater amount of water than normal, it will be necessary to consume more water than usual.

Liver detoxification
The liver is the main detoxification organ of the human body.

1. Transforms fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins for excretion through the kidneys and bile

2. Metabolizes toxins into non-toxic (non-toxic) waste products

The function of the liver lies in biotransformation.

Detoxification through the kidneys

It occurs through three mechanisms:

1. Regulation of body fluid volume, mineral composition and acidity

2. Regulation of excretion and reabsorption of water and electrolytes

3. Excretion of biosoluble toxins (body waste products) and certain chemical and heavy products through the production of urine.

Detoxification through the skin

Although the skin has certain detoxification capabilities, its main function is protection against toxins, as well as their excretion. The sooner detoxification and drainage of toxins occurs, the better for the cell. For this reason, the first pillar of anti-cellulite treatment is drainage and detoxification.

The activity of the cells of our body generates waste substances that we eliminate naturally until they exceed the tolerance level, which varies from person to person (age, heredity, general condition...)

However, there are toxins such as coffee, tobacco, drugs, some food additives, water contaminants, and medications... that hinder cellular activity and increase the amount of waste elements, which leads to the elimination organs being damaged. overwhelmed, and unable to get rid of such a high level of toxins.

A person's health largely depends on his body's ability to eliminate harmful waste.

Signs that show us that a detox is needed

There are mild signs that indicate a lack of energy, such as fatigue, hair loss, loss of appetite, brittle nails, difficulty falling asleep, decay, and asthenia. Sometimes it can manifest as a serious illness.

The purification of the organism and in particular the liver, is one of the first actions that we should carry out when we consider the treatment of any pathology (such as cellulite), because it is always more effective to start "cleaning".

Symptoms of the depurative process

As we purify the body, it is usual to detect a series of signs that inform us of the evolution of this internal cleaning process.

  • The tongue: may have a white or yellowish coating. It will turn pink when the debugging is done.
  • Strong breath (even fetid): it will return to be fresh and clean at the end of the process.
  • Denser and darker urine, strong and different smell. It will be clear again at the end of debugging.
  • Darker, more concentrated and abundant feces, returning to their normal color and texture once the purification is complete.
Other symptoms that may accompany the purifying process, such as headaches or migraines.

    Recommendations during detoxification

    • Eat organic foods.
    • Eat fruit for breakfast, lunch or as a substitute for dinner.
    • Steam, boil or grill food with stainless steel utensils.
    • Eliminate refined products, red meat and dairy.
    • Do not eat fried, frozen, precooked foods...
    • Drink some depurative broth daily and outside of meals.
    • Reduce the food you eat per day.
    • Sleep 6-8 hours minimum.
    • Drink weakly mineralized water without gas.
    • Do not drink alcohol.

    Foods suitable for detoxification

    • Artichokes: contains cynarin and other substances that enhance liver function.
    • Milk thistle: contains a substance called silymarin that has the power to regenerate liver cells. During purification it is advisable to take it every day.
    • Onions
    • radishes
    • Olive oil
    • Escarole and endive: its bitter substance helps the vesicle.
    • Dandelion: diuretic and purifying par excellence.
      Whole grains: they provide complex carbohydrates and B vitamins, necessary for the proper functioning of the liver.
    • Fruits: rich in easily assimilated sugars and antioxidant vitamins that promote liver function and prevent fluid retention.
    • Vegetables: raw or cooked with little salt. They provide potassium. It would be good to drink 2 glasses of green juice every day as part of a cleansing plan. For example, we would blend vegetables such as spinach, parsley, green cabbage leaves, lettuce, zucchini... and mix in equal parts with another milder flavor such as carrot, apple, tomato or natural pineapple juice.
    • Grapes: activate the detoxifying function of the liver and stimulate the production of bile.
    • Apples: facilitates the emptying of bile and liver decongestion.
    • Cherries
    • Medlars
    • Red beet: you can drink a small glass of juice (100 ml) Do not start the purification by taking a higher amount because it can cause too rapid detoxification and is not good.

      Nutritional supplements to support detoxification
      The body can be helped with supplements with a detoxifying and purifying function, such as those that can be found in Detox910 by Glo.

      • Milk Thistle: Silymarin, the active ingredient in this herb, has been shown to prevent toxicity and stimulate liver function. Silymarin intake produces a substantial increase in glutathione levels in the liver.
      • Vitamin C: acts as an antioxidant and favors hydroxylation reactions, with anti-inflammatory action at the liver level, helping to bind the ingredients of the formula for maximum absorption.
      • Artichoke: organic dry extract that contains cynarin and other substances that enhance liver function.
      • Yerba mate: purifying and draining that provides energy.
      • Horsetail: helps eliminate fluid retention thanks to its draining effect
      • Nopal (prickly pear): highly effective in eliminating fluid retention without affecting mineral salts or electrolytes. As well as, to help reduce the circumference of the waist, ankles and calves.
      • Horsetail dry extract: helps eliminate fluid retention thanks to its draining effect.