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Dry and Flaky Skin on the Legs: Remedies to Moisturize

Do you feel like your skin is flaky and dry, and you don't know what to do? We explain the reason and how you can solve it and show off your legs.

Sometimes the skin of the legs looks scaly and very dry despite using moisturizer, even itchy and red in some areas. They are the unequivocal symptoms of dry skin on the legs, a very common problem, especially in women. The skin of the legs is one of the areas of the body that has fewer sebaceous glands, and it is what causes this skin to be drier than others on the body.

Dryness can be noticed in winter, due to low temperatures and lack of humidity, as well as because of heating, which dries out the environment a lot, but also intensely affects when sun exposure begins.

On the other hand, depilation with wax or blades, and not taking care of them enough, end up causing them to dry out. Depilation causes dry skin

How to moisturize dry skin on legs

To show off beautiful and smooth legs, it is essential to moisturize the skin often and dedicate a few minutes a week to also do a good exfoliation of the area.

1) External care for hydrated and soft legs

The first step, when the first symptoms of dry skin appear on the legs, is to try to restore an optimal level of hydration in the area. To do this, nothing better than using a cream with high moisturizing power, such as Serum 910 from Glo, specifically designed for the legs, which, thanks to its high concentration of nanoencapsulated active ingredients, penetrates deeply, moisturizing the skin.

This super serum has been formulated as a high-end facial cosmetic, to give your legs the best care possible. Awarded as the best product for the legs by the Short List Beauty Awards, for its powerful moisturizing effect, in addition to revitalizing and deflating heavy legs, and helping to treat couperose and spider veins.

As a tip, it is advisable to exfoliate the dry skin of the legs to remove the layer of dead skin that can prevent the cream from penetrating properly. You can perform a dry exfoliation once a week, with a natural bristle brush by hand or with the help of a device that helps you do it better and faster (You can use the Glo910 Body Brush accessory, and get a professional exfoliation in just 5 minutes)

The best time to apply the moisturizer is right after you get out of the shower, as the pores are more open, so the cream will penetrate better, and it will also help replace the natural oils that may have been lost during the bath.

You can also use a nourishing body oil for the beauty of the legs. There are many natural oils that are excellent for skin care and one of them is almond oil. Oils do not moisturize the skin but they can deeply nourish it. When choosing an oil, make sure that it does not have water, and that it is really natural. You can combine the hydration of the serum with the nutrition of a good botanical and natural body oil, such as Oil910 oil, recognized for its excellence and naturalness, with 0% water, very nutritious and with 6 essential oils to take care of the skin and the figure. for its high remodeling power. You will see a before and after in the skin of your legs after its application.

2) Care from within, the ultimate for long-lasting results.

To maintain humidity from the inside, the first thing is to drink enough water daily (2 liters / day). You can help yourself with infusions and teas that also take care of your skin and figure, with a draining effect, for example.

You will be surprised how the small marine beauty pearls of pure krill oil from the Antarctic can be your great ally to achieve elastic and hydrated skin all over your body, legs included.

This pure source of Omega-3 and phospholipids allow the skin to retain its natural moisture, taking care of the barrier of the cells that make it up. Phospholipids are one of nature's most powerful humectants, meaning they can help retain moisture, supporting the body's natural hydration process and promoting the skin's barrier function. On the other hand, omega-3s support proper lipid function in skin cells, helping to increase the skin's ability to retain moisture, as well as increase hydration and skin barrier effectiveness in skin cells. the skin.

Combining Krill Oil with good topical hydration is the perfect combination to achieve lasting results.

Effect of Krill Oil vs. Topical Cream on Skin Health

In addition, collagen enriched with hyaluronic acid is an important help to keep the skin hydrated and firm from the inside, especially important after 40 years. Nutricosmetics act not only on the skin of the legs, but not all over our body and face. If you need extra care, you can try our firming collagen, enriched with DMAE and other natural active ingredients with a tensor effect.

Habits to prevent dry skin

Once you have restored the hydration and natural state of your skin, it is important to adopt a few simple habits to keep your legs hydrated:

  • The best shower with warm water. Very hot water dries the skin by washing away its natural oils.
  • Avoid soaping your legs. It is best not to use soap on the legs, cleaning them with just water is enough.
  • Pat dry gently. The ideal would be to let the leather air dry, but on a day-to-day basis it is a difficult practice. Try not to rub yourself with the towel when you dry yourself, try to do it by gently patting.
  • Hydrate well inside and out. The skin of your legs will appreciate that at least once a day, you use good hydration, and drink water daily.
  • Lean on nutricosmetics to have bright, hydrated and glowing skin. Its effects are not as immediate as cosmetics, give them a margin of time to notice the effects (between 1-3 months)

With all these tips, you will have beautiful skin, so if you are tired of noticing the flaky skin on your legs, get going now and start taking care of them!