Combate la Celulitis en Piernas y Glúteos con Éxito

How to Remove Cellulite from Thighs, Buttocks, and Legs

If your goal is to permanently eliminate cellulite in areas such as thighs, buttocks and legs in record time, it will be necessary to act on several areas, and maintain a lifestyle that will involve some changes to your current habits.

The complexity of cellulite treatment is that it is a progressive process, it must first be stopped, then reduced and then kept at bay. There are two keys to success in the fight against cellulite:

  • Be consistent.
  • Attack it from different angles, from the inside and the outside, since there are several creams, nutricosmetics and aesthetic treatments for professional and home use, which can be used against cellulite, obtaining excellent results. These treatments can be combined if necessary, according to each case.

Generally, the legs are the area of the body most affected by cellulite, especially in the thighs and buttocks.

las piernas y los glúteos suelen ser las zonas más afectadas por la celulitis
We recommend you to start by identifying your cellulite level. Observe in which areas you have it and take pictures to compare how the skin is evolving once you start the treatment.

It is normal for women to have various degrees and types of cellulite on the buttocks and the back of the thighs. This is called mixed cellulite, and it is very common.

What is cellulite?

We call cellulite the "orange peel" appearance of the skin of the thighs and buttocks, which shows an irregular dimpled surface. But, it is actually a manifestation of what is going on under the skin.

The process begins with fluid retention in the tissue, which causes changes in the activity of fat cells or adipocytes. The adipocytes hypertrophy (grow in number and size) causing the skin to bulge.

The fiber tissue, or connective tissue, tightens, pulling the skin inward, forming dimples.

Normally, it tends to occur in the thighs and buttocks area, although it varies greatly depending on each woman. There are also types of cellulite (soft, hard, mixed) and it can be in different degrees (from grade 1 to 5), making it easier or more difficult to treat.

Can we improve cellulite in the legs and buttocks through diet?

Eating and exercise do not make the cellulite we have disappear, but they do help greatly to improve it and above all to maintain the results.

5 simple but very useful tips to improve your eating habits that will help you improve your cellulite and feel better:

  • Reduce salt intake as much as possible. Foods that contain a lot of salt will cause fluid retention and this will worsen your cellulite.
  • Avoid sugar, saturated fats, fried foods...
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day and try to drink it outside of meals. Water is water, not soda. Water!

beber agua limpia y pura para evitar retener liquidos

  • Eat slowly and chew each bite well. Eating slowly is extremely important because chewing secretes an enzyme that helps dissolve food. If you swallow without chewing enough, the morsels reach the stomach whole, then the food ferments before it can be digested and causes bloating and toxins that will end up causing cellulite. On the other hand, if you chew more you will tend to eat less, as you will be satiated sooner.
  • Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

How to fight cellulite on thighs, buttocks and legs with exercise.

Regular exercise provides health benefits, not just aesthetic ones. Regular exercise helps you burn fat, tone your muscles, and activate your metabolism. In addition, exercise decreases stress and increases circulation.

The exercises to eliminate cellulite from the legs are characterized by being low-impact aerobic exercises of long duration, which are those in which the body burns more fat. Low impact means that it is not a strenuous exercise, meaning that you should not be jumping all the time because excessive jumping tends to aggravate cellulite pictures.

The more time you spend doing low-impact aerobic exercise, the more fat you will burn. A good way to eliminate the orange peel of your legs would be to walk for an hour every day at a brisk pace, this will help you burn fat and activate the circulation of the legs.

Caminar a ritmo rápido ayuda a reducir la celulitis

An effective leg cellulite workout routine should include both aerobic and toning exercises. Tailor any workout routine to your body and your needs:

  • If you have little cellulite and a lot of flab, do more toning exercises.
  • If you have a lot of cellulite, focus on aerobic exercises

But to eliminate cellulite from the legs and buttocks we will need some extra help

Depending on the case, you have different aesthetic or medical treatments that will help you improve. If you are in a very advanced stage, you may have to opt for invasive and medical treatments, such as liposuction. If you are in a 2-3 degree, which are the most common, evaluate with an expert therapies such as caroboxytherapy, anti-cellulite massages and professional draining.

Any treatment you do, you should then keep them at home, so as not to return over time to the initial starting point.

2. HOME TREATMENTS: massages, exfoliation and nutraceuticals.
We understand by domestic treatment, one that you can do yourself at home.

Dry Exfoliation
The most effective exfoliating treatment is "Dry Brushing". It is not necessary to spend fortunes in exfoliating products, what you can do is to use a natural bristle brush and give yourself an intense and vigorous brushing of the skin for about 15 minutes. It is important to follow the direction of blood circulation, always towards the heart.

exfoliación en seco en piernas para reducir la celulitis

Dry brushing will help you to improve blood circulation and therefore reduce cellulite. In addition, by removing dead cells, you also finish eliminating toxins that have been naturally expelled by the body through the skin, eliminating cellulite waste.

Anti-cellulite and draining massage

To apply a manual anti-cellulite massage on your thighs, you can use a massage oil, ideally formulated with slimming ingredients. The skin should always be moisturized while massaging, that is, if after a few minutes of massaging the area, you notice that the skin has absorbed the product, you will have to apply a little more.

aceite reductor y anticelulítico para masaje

Doing an effective anti-cellulite massage yourself is really difficult, as it requires strength and dexterity, because it must be done at a deep level.

This massage must be done deeply, with constancy and strength, from bottom to top of the thighs and buttocks. The movements must be not only upward but also circular, since the fat, hardened in nodules, must be broken. At the end, it is advisable to drain, in this case, make upward movements that promote the lymphatic system.

Looking for an effective and affordable solution to erase cellulite from your legs?

You can replace the professional massage treatment with an equally effective treatment, designed by experts in the world of beauty together with Swiss dermo-aesthetic doctors.

This treatment will allow you to apply the massage daily, but with professional results, from the comfort of your own home, as soon as you want, without previous appointments or loss of time in displacement.

If you are already a little tired and saturated of trying everything, Glo910 is your ideal solution, the ultimate in cellulite treatment.

Glo910 is an anti-cellulite machine that allows you to reproduce the most effective massages and treatments to fight cellulite (lymphatic drainage, dry exfoliation, cellulite massage...) by inexperienced hands and with proven results.

Masajeador anticelulítico glo910

Glo910 has different treatment heads, allowing up to 40 therapeutic and beauty applications. Dry brushing with Glo910 will transform your skin, with minimum effort for you, it will do all the work.

To get rid of cellulite on the legs, you must perform the following sequence:

STEP 1: Preheating of the area to be treated: we will make circular movements at medium speed until we feel the area warm. The fat will be easier to work on afterwards. We will insist on the area of the thighs or buttocks where we see cellulite. It should be done without creams or oils.

STEP2: Break the fat: increase the intensity of the massage and apply it all over the leg, upward and circular movements, all over the thigh (avoiding the bones). In the buttock we can make all the movements we want because the lymphatic and circulatory system does not affect so much. It should be done without creams or oils.

How to: massage the area with the cellu-active head.

Apply on dry skin. On upwards direction and

increasing the speed.

STEP 3: Drain: It is important to finish the massage by draining to expel fat and toxins from the body. Use the Cellu-Detox head, at medium speed, in upward movements (not circular). It is especially important to activate the lymph that runs along the inside of the thigh and groin. If you find this area too intense, you can use the Soft-massage head.

How to: change to cellu-detox head to drain,

always in upwards direction.

Nutraceuticals: your great ally to fight cellulite from within

Nowadays, there is the possibility of using micro-nutrients that help us from the inside to achieve our goal and reduce cellulite. Supplements are effective but we must think of a medium-term effect, results are not usually noticed in less than a month, and the ideal is to take them at least 3 months.

There are supplements specifically designed for cellulite, such as Selulit (not available yet in the USA), which are usually based on dry extract of pure green tea, and are supplemented with more burning nutrients, thermogenics, etc.

In conclusion, good habits and perseverance will get you results, with cellulite there are no quick formulas. Remember to take pictures of yourself at the beginning and end of your treatment, and even during, to encourage you to be consistent.