Como eliminar la grasa de la cintura (Paso a Paso)

How to get rid of excess fat on your waist (Step by Step)

Every woman has a tendency to have volume in some areas of the body, when it tends to accumulate in the abdominal area, the shape of the waist is lost. If this is your case, we recommend some tricks to eliminate fat and recover your waist.

Physical exercise

1. Barbell tilts and twists

An easy and effective exercise to model the waist. You can do up to 100 daily repetitions and in a short time you will see the results.

Hold the bar (or broom handle) over your shoulders, and wrap your wrists over it (so your back is straight)

Option 1: In the first version, lean to the side, your right hand should attempt the right knee, while the left hand is held high above the head and then vice versa. Repeat 50 times on each side.

Option 2: Twists at the waist. Standing, with your feet parallel to the width of your shoulders, make complete turns of the trunk trying not to move your feet from the site. Apply a rhythm that supposes a certain cardiovascular effort. Perform 2 sets of 30 seconds, resting for 30 to 60 seconds

2. Lateral leg raise

With this exercise we are going to work the lateral area of ​​the waist and thighs.

Lie on your side on a mat or mat. Lean your forearm back for better support. Raise one leg with your knee extended and your instep pointed. Climb as high as you can slowly and come back down. Repeat 50 times on each side.

3. Elevated side ball crunches

We perform these crunches with the legs raised since they considerably increase the strength that must be maintained in the abdomen.

On a mat, sit only supporting the upper part of the buttocks, keep your feet up at the height of your bent knees. Hold a ball in both hands and start moving it out to the sides of your hips. Every 5 reps bring your back to the ground and come back up.

4. Rotations with hula hoop

It is a super effective exercise to reduce waist. To keep the hoop rotating without falling off, the body must engage large muscle groups, and besides, it's fun!!

What was one of the favorite entertainments of the 80s has returned with force to the world of fitness. With one-hour sessions it is possible to lose up to 600 calories, although small routines of 4-5 minutes several times a day to activate our metabolism are much more effective.

The abdominal work, the waist and hip twist make it an aerobic exercise that strengthens the muscles, reducing the belly and centimeters of contour.


  • It is easy
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Lose up to 600 calories in an hour
  • We work the abdomen thanks to the circular movements of the torso and hip
  • It is effective for weight loss
  • It is cheap and easy to get
  • Improves coordination and flexibility
  • Power the balance
  • Work up to 30 muscles of the body at the same time

Hold the hoop with both hands around your waist, push it to the side and begin to move your hips in a circular motion to keep it spinning and not let it fall. At first it may be difficult to maintain it, but as you practice, you will be able to rotate it for much longer. If you don't have a hula hoop, try performing the move without it.

TIP 1: If it seems too easy, try combining waist and hip rotations with walking.

TIP 2: When you finish, stretch the area with lateral stretches from the waist and specific stretches for the back and legs.


There are highly effective natural food supplements to help you burn fat. They usually work better if you get some exercise, but they always help.

Like everything, no matter how good they are, they don't work if you're eating poorly, it's not worth taking a capsule and a patel, some things don't compensate with others.

Perso if you are taking care of yourself, they will help you in your goal of recovering your waist. For this area of ​​the body, they are usually good pure and natural extracts with a thermogenic effect, metabolism activators... such as green tea, green coffee, cacao, guarana... among others.


You can apply creams or cosmetic oils in the area as it is a localized area on which you want to act. The problem with cosmetics is the difficulty they have in penetrating the skin and reaching where we have the fat lodged. They tend to be more effective when what we have is rather volume due to fluid retention, and combined with exercise, they can favor the expulsion of this excess by reducing volume.

A lipolytic is best applied with a vigorous and intense massage, which helps it penetrate and allows the fat to be released to eliminate it better.

Reducing massage

Within body treatments, massage is a method to treat localized fat.

Activation of circulation

The massage produces a direct mechanical action on the tissues.

In addition, it will allow it to penetrate better active substances in cosmetics.

Tissue mobilization
The reducing massage produces an important mechanical action capable of eliminating fat adhesions.

Within body treatments, massage is a very effective method for treating cellulite, including edematous cellulite; It is a non-invasive procedure with visible results, as long as it is done properly.

Activation of circulation

The massage produces a direct mechanical action on the tissues, influencing the veins and lymphatic vessels, which in the case of cellulite, are compressed by the hypertrophied nodules of fat, which will improve the elimination of toxins.

By activating the circulation, the oxygenation of the tissues is improved, which will improve health by better receiving nutrients and better releasing toxins.

In addition, it will allow the active substances of cosmetics to penetrate better.

If you find it difficult to perform self-massage on the waist and abdomen, today, you can help yourself with machines designed to reproduce all these movements much more effectively and effortlessly, such as the Glo910 anti-cellulite massager, awarded with prizes and the opinions of thousands of women who have incorporated it into their body care routine.