Do you suffer from swollen and heavy legs? You are not the only one! Forget about this problem and enjoy light and fresh legs with Glo®. The only 100% natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive technique for home use of mechanical stimulation of the skin that allows to reactivate the cell mechanism.

Heavy and aching legs, swollen ankles or feet... these symptoms translate into poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins accumulate in the body, which explains these changes in volume throughout the day or in the different phases of the female cycle.

The facts?

  • Hormonal changes, pregnancy, or genetic causes are the most common triggers.
  • A prolonged standing or sitting posture.
  • A diet too rich in salt.
  • Clothes that are too tight.
  • Strong heat and high temperatures typical of the spring and summer months.
  • The pressure suffered after a long plane trip
This problem affects more than 60% of the population, although it affects more woman than men. If this is your case, we will explain a solution that can help you. 

Thanks to the new patented COOL LEGS treatment head, GLO® allows you to activate the elimination functions of the body and stimulate circulation while at the same time softening the symptoms of fluid retention. A convenient and easy-to-use Flash effect solution that will help you combat this problem. And enjoy light and rested legs!

The intuitive intensity regulator allows the stimulation to be precisely adapted to each skin identity: the intensity of the treatment is optimized and the skin is always respected.

In Spring-Summer 2018 we launched the new Cool Legs head for the treatment of tired, heavy, swollen and aching legs.

To effectively combat heaviness and swelling in the legs, we have developed the new Cool Legs treatment head, which can be adapted to the Glo910 and Glo910+ devices.

This new applicator is based on the concept of cold cryotherapy used by SPAs and thermal treatments. After studying with doctors the benefits of cold in the treatment of leg edema, we discovered that the best combination was MASSAGE + COLD. Based on this concept, we developed the new Glo910 head, which incorporates Motion Cryotherapy ® technology. Thanks to this technology, the legs are deflated, and feel light and fresh.

Benefits of Motion Cryotherapy ® technology.

The new head adaptable to Glo910®
is based on the benefits of applying cold massage: cryomassage. Thanks to Motion Cryotherapy ® technology, we can perform a deep cold drainage massage without the inconvenience of applying ice to the surface of the skin, which can even reach a burn.

The cryomassage performed with Cool Legs produces a sensation of freshness and well-being in tired legs. It helps reduce inflammation and pain, while providing a feeling of lightness and rest for hours.

The cold produces a vasoconstrictor effect so that the blood vessels decrease their diameter, reducing blood flow and cell metabolism. The exchange of active substances between cells, tissues and blood vessels decreases peripheral edema. As there is less water circulating inside the cells, and in the so-called "dead spaces" between tissues, the legs deflate and the toxins that obstructed the blood and lymphatic flow are drained.

The Cool Legs applicator does not drip, and when applying the massage in motion, it does not produce an unpleasant sensation of cold, but quite the opposite. The continued cold massage allows it to penetrate little by little into the tissues. There is a decrease in temperature in the superficial and deep tissues, because the thermal sensation penetrates little by little during the massage to the deepest layers of the skin. The time of the application of the cold and the rhythm of the massage is important, so that the cold can act in a sustained way.

How do you get light legs with Cool Legs?

It is enough to apply Cool Legs for about 10-15 minutes at a gentle speed and in the direction of blood circulation: from the soles of the feet, along the entire leg. Always in an ascending direction towards the heart.

Placed on the Glo910 device, it performs a constant and deep massage, avoiding all the inconveniences of using cool-pads or ice wrapped in a napkin. Methods that are more than cumbersome to apply, which can also cause skin burns.

Cool Legs
has inside an active gel with a cold effect that is cooled by placing the head in the freezer. This allows us to apply the massage in motion and dry, without the use of towels or cloths, without dripping, in a very comfortable, fast and clean way.


  • The totally sealed gel is a chemical substance capable of staying very cold for a long time outside the freezer.
  • It can be applied directly to the skin without producing any burning or burning sensation on the skin.
  • You only need to have the head in the freezer for 4 hours, before you can apply the Cool Legs head.
  • It can be applied to dry skin or even over socks, for quick relief, allowing us to keep up with the rhythm.

After its application, your legs will become less swollen, the pain is reduced, and a great sensation of lightness and freshness is felt that lasts for hours.

It is ideal at any time of the year, but in the summer its use is especially useful, since we tend to suffer a lot from heaviness due to excess ambient heat.

Benefits of CRYOMASSAGE for the body

  • Lighten heavy legs. Flash effect!
  • Redefines the contour of swollen legs.
  • Prevents the cellulite process from originating, by reducing edema.
  • Dissolves pain and fatigue, relieving muscle pain.
  • By applying it after the anti-cellulite massage with the Cellu-Active head, it enhances the reducing effect
  • Applied after the draining massage with the Cellu-Detox head, it increases the draining effect.
  • Promotes energy, providing a pleasant well-being.

Ritual of use for light and fresh legs
You can use it directly on the skin since, thanks to the movement, the cold does not cause any damage to the skin as it penetrates the tissues. Also, you can use it over your stockings for immediate relief, and go about your daily walk without heaviness.

1. Put the Cool Legs head in the freezer (min 4h) inside its bag.
2. Place it on your Glo910 and apply the cryo massage on your legs for about 10 min.
3. Put your Cool Legs back in the freezer so it's ready for the next time you need it.

For a more complete treatment, add the CELLU-DETOX draining head to your ritual, which will help you stimulate the lymphatic system.

Cool legs (cryomassage to reduce edema and inflammation of the legs) + Cellu-Detox (lymphatic drainage massage to mobilize toxins and deflate the body)