Los Mejores Masajeadores Anticelulíticos

The Best Anti-Cellulite Massagers

Cellulite is something very normal in women, especially in Western women, since different causes are involved in its appearance (hormonal, genetic, sedentary habits, poor diet, etc.), and only less than 10% are naturally free of it, and even models and celebrities who take care of themselves have it. Hence, we want to shed some light and use our experience to talk about the best anti-cellulite massager.

There is nothing wrong either; cellulite is not a health issue per se, and if you don't mind having dimples on your body, there is no reason to devote more energy to the issue. On the other hand, if you don't like having the famous "orange peel skin", you have to know that it can be improved with a little bit of constancy and good tools.

The great difficulty of improving cellulite is that it is not directly related to fat, and even if we lose weight and exercise, it will not be completely removed.

Many of us spend many hours sitting or standing at work, and that affects our bodies, usually retaining fluids, which is the first cause of cellulite. Cellulite is so complex to treat because it is mostly about what happens around the fat, the accumulation of liquids, and the worsening of the microcirculation, which, over time, leads to fibrosis (loss of elasticity of the connective tissue).

The first thing is to treat the retention with antioxidant and draining foods, moving (walking fast for 30 minutes minimum, for example), and applying lymphatic drainage massages, which will help us relieve the feeling of swelling by stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system.

Secondly, it is advisable to complement diet and exercise with a method that helps us to get rid of those adipose nodules that so commonly accumulate in the abdomen, buttocks, hips, or thighs.

Cosmetics have difficulty penetrating where the problem that causes cellulite is located; their action is more superficial, and they should always be applied with a good anti-cellulite massage to improve their penetration.

A good tecnobelleza device designed for cellulite will save you time that you can dedicate to yourself to work steadily in those areas where fat accumulates easily, without having to go to a professional center daily, with the time and money that can be involved.

There is no better ally than a gadget that massages the area and helps reduce the dreaded cellulite, but how do you know which one to choose?

To make it even easier for you, we have made a summary of the points you need to take into account to choose an effective anti-cellulite massager, which is an investment and not an expense.

You will see how your anti-cellulite routine changes completely, if you use the right device for you.

10 important tips for choosing the best anti-cellulite massager

  1. Technique and technology: we are going to analyze the devices that use the massage technique since they are the most effective for domestic use. Other technologies require features for medical use so that results can be noticed. Sometimes, they can be complemented with other technologies such as LED, EMS, suction, etc.
  2. Power: When using the massage technique, it is crucial to determine the maximum force it can exert and whether this can be regulated to suit the type of massage and area. It is, therefore, crucial to the motor and its characteristics.
  3. Accessories: It is usually necessary to use different massage accessories to drain and break up fat. These accessories come in different shapes and functions and must have a fastening system to be connected to the motor shaft. The diameter of these accessories is also crucial, as it determines the time taken to treat a particular area of the body. It is important to choose the right design of accessories to ensure effectiveness without causing any harm to the body.
  4. Ergonomics: it is crucial to assess that it can be easily handled on both sides of the body, right and left, its weight, and grip, that it does not vibrate in the hand, for use with both the right and left hand...
  5. Sound level: as they have a motor that rotates, they usually make noise, but the level can vary greatly from one to another.
  6. Consumption and voltage: most of them do not consume much power, between 45-20W, and they are usually single voltage, 230-240V, which is fine for Europe.
  7. Rechargeable or corded: the rechargeable function is convenient to use, but it consumes very quickly and loses power. The cable allows you to transmit the maximum electricity needed by the motor during the whole massage time, but it has the inconvenience that its length limits you.
  8. For wet or dry use: If they are rechargeable and have full water protection, they can be used safely in the shower. However, it's important to note that the anti-cellulite massage may not be as effective on wet skin. Nevertheless, using the device in the shower can still be a great way to enhance your shower experience and help you relax.
  9. Price: You can find massage devices for 25 to 800 euros. Within this range, we find massage products that claim to be effective in improving cellulite, but because of their characteristics, it is completely impossible to help improve this aesthetic aspect of skin since to begin with, its engine is small and weak, and therefore the massage is very superficial. If you are looking for an effective solution for cellulite, many of these cheap devices end up being an expense. It is better to bet on a good one that works and is an investment to take care of yourself for years without further extra expenses.
  10. Opinions and clinical studies that endorse its effectiveness. Women who use them give their assessment, although it is true that a product that costs less than 40 € you do not demand as much as one that costs 300-800 €, for example.

There is great confusion with massage devices because most of them HAVE NOT BEEN DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONALS, and that makes them massage devices to relieve muscle tension because they act at a superficial level, but they are not able to work properly cellulite, which is resistant and is at a deep level. Many of them use graphic information with drawings that give rise to error, pretending that they can work the deepest areas of the skin when, in fact, they do not. The litmus test is to set the device to its maximum power and use it by pressing it against the skin of the thigh. For example, if it stops, the power will not be enough.

This type of device is usually inexpensive, under 100€, since its construction is very simple and its main component is a small and basic motor.

Most are purchased online, which makes it difficult to assess the most crucial differences between each one, such as size, weight, and strength .... that in the end, are key to making it work and not suppose us an expense in another device that ends up in a drawer because it disappoints us.

It is also crucial to see which company is behind each device, so that it is reliable. Some belong to generalist brands of Small Household Appliances, and this type of massager is just one more in their catalog. These brands do not develop these products internally, in-house development requires time, investment, and knowledge. They look for a reliable manufacturer that has the product in its catalog, customizes it in colors, etc., and launches it to the market.

It is easy to find others of similar appearance or even the same with other brands and prices. In favor, these suppliers are serious and ensure that these devices comply with European quality and safety standards, offer technical service, warranty, etc.

Example of the same device with different brands and prices, among which we find the Rowenta anti-cellulite massager:

There are also many devices of totally unknown brands, sometimes even copies, that do not have safety controls and do not offer guarantees. We recommend never buying this type of device, not because they are not efficient, but because they can be dangerous, and probably there is not a team of people behind responding in case of any quality problem. Their price is usually very cheap, less than 50 euros.

Ideally, a device designed specifically for cellulite, and that meets all the requirements.


The most important thing to finding the best anti-cellulite massager is that the device can reproduce the manual anti-cellulite massage as similar as possible to the one performed by a good professional, which is the most effective treatment that exists, but it has the disadvantage that it requires an investment of money and, above all, time to go periodically and constantly to perform this treatment.

This massage is performed with upward circular movements, making force to work the fat nodules and mobilize fluid retention.

It is better to activate the lymphatic points beforehand so that the massager acts more effectively. This massage is hard for the professional's hands, as he/she has to try not to lower the force exerted during the massage, using knuckles and fingers while kneading the skin, fat, and muscle. Doing it yourself is mission impossible, even if you are an expert.

On the inner thigh, which is where the entire lymphatic chain is located, the massage should be performed more gently and without too much pressure for drainage. For this, the device must have additional heads and intensity regulation.

The idea is to combine with therapies such as cold, which is invigorating, and not heat which brings flaccidity. Cold, on the other hand, improves firmness and circulation.

However, it is not enough for the device to make circular movements and have intensity regulation. The massage head must simulate the effect of those fingers and knuckles, the friction that produces skin on skin, exert the necessary force to work kneading the fat, grab the flesh well but without hurting ... so the design of the massage heads, the use on dry skin and the force that the device can apply is key.

We have analyzed several devices to see the pros and cons of each one:

What are the best anti-cellulite massagers?

1. Suction and roller massage

With this technology, there are from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The simplest ones, in general, do not offer sufficient suction to make the roller massage effective; they try to reproduce the treatment but without achieving it.

The most professional model, Wellbox, which stimulates the skin through the movements of the rollers combined with vertical suction, tries to reproduce at home the same professional treatment performed by the LPG machine, both from Endermology. The Wellbox, as its name suggests, is a box that holds the necessary accessories for the treatment. It has a suction hose that can be regulated electronically, along with three body and two facial applicators. Each treatment lasts about 6 minutes. Its price is between 1000 and 1400 euros.


  • Applicators for face and body.
  • 26 routines
  • Electronic suction regulation.
  • Speed of treatment.
  • Corded, to ensure motor suction.


  • Its size is somewhat cumbersome for daily use.
  • It is a little difficult to get used to the routine of usage.
  • Price: It is a crucial investment.

2. Rotating massage devices

2.1. Rechargeable rotary massagers

Of the three rechargeable devices analyzed, they were analogous or the same, with very similar behavior.

  • Nice and light design.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Can be used on wet skin.
  • Easy handling.
  • Size of the heads.
  • Price: good value for money, although they are an expense if the goal is to combat cellulite.


  • The strength of the massage is that it is too soft to act on cellulite.
  • The construction of the massage head is made of rubber material without a firm structure under the massage fingers that allows sufficient penetration to work on the fat. If it were stronger, they would bend.

  • The battery is losing strength and lasts about 15 minutes.
  • LED therapy is only light; it does not have any therapeutic benefit.

2.2. Rotating anti-cellulite massagers with cable.

The next group of devices have exactly the same aesthetics, and functions.


  • Price: They are inexpensive, but if purchased to improve cellulite, they are an expense.
  • Some heads can be used for a relaxing massage.


  • Massage strength is too soft to act on cellulite.
  • Massage heads do not do anything similar to the anti-cellulite massage; some of them hurt, and besides, they are small in diameter.
  • Heavy and vibrating in the hand, not easy to hold.

Of these devices analyzed, none of them has the necessary features to effectively act on cellulite.

The most powerful on the market: among the best are Glo910 from Glo and Master Plus from Fit4Ever.

Both have the strength to apply the massage, and their heads are well-designed, so they achieve results similar to those of a professional manual massage.

MasterPlus is a machine that belongs to a Spanish aesthetic equipment company.

ADVANTAGES: effective, robust.


  • Sound level: somewhat uncomfortable in use.
  • Ergonomics: designed for right-handers, it is not comfortable for left-handers.
  • Intensity: offers two intensities, low and strong, without any intermediate or progressive settings available.
  • No additional technology is offered.
  • Extraction of the heads: as the placement is pressurized, you have to pull with a little force to remove them.
  • Price: From 700 € (with one head) to 995 € (complete). It is an investment that will pay for itself, but it is a significant outlay. The accessories can be purchased separately (price between 70 and 99 euros).

Conclusion: the best anti-cellulite massager

The best anti-cellulite massager is the Glo brand, a company formed by women who understand the nature of cellulite and have developed this device together with doctors and physiotherapists. Glo910 has been awarded by the prestigious international Shortlist Beauty Awards, and has thousands of reviews from women who have integrated it into their anti-cellulite routine.

ADVANTAGES: It is the most advanced model and achieves results similar to those of a beauty center.

  • Price: 329 euros is a great investment; it pays for itself very quickly because it works and allows you to be constant for years.
  • Motor power (up to 800 RPM) allows for enough force to act on the deepest fat without stopping.
  • Design of the heads: studied to combine with the intensity regulation and apply all the necessary treatments, adapting to each type of cellulite and body area. It has a head for draining, dry exfoliating, and acting on fat, and a soft head for more delicate areas, varicose veins, and bone areas, which makes it very versatile and complete. Included in the product.
  • It offers the possibility of using phototherapy, 32 infrared elements, and red LEDs that stimulate the energy of the cells in a natural way to accelerate the action of the massage.
  • Fixation and extraction of heads with a safe and comfortable system without having to exert pressure.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Extra-long (3-meter) cable that does not limit the use.
  • Allows coupling to the massage an exclusive and patented cryotherapy head that applies cold massage, very effective for heavy and swollen legs or sports.
  • Bitension, allows you to take it with you and use it anywhere in the world. In addition, it has a practical bag for storage, occupying very little space.


The professional motor is very powerful, but it is a handy-sized device for personal use and needs to rest after about 20 minutes of use. Although massaging an area does not need more than this time and it can be an aid to control the massage time, in case it needs more time, you should wait for it to cool down for about 15 minutes to continue using it.

In conclusion, if you have cellulite and are looking for a good tool to help you be consistent and get results, do not hesitate. Glo910 is the best anti-cellulite massager and a great investment. In addition, it has an excellent team of specialized consultants with whom you can make a Virtual Consultation to customize your routine and solve all your doubts.

Start taking care of yourself now with Glo910, and you will see how to radically change your anti-cellulite routine!