Nutricosmética para la Flacidez Facial y Corporal: Reafirma tu piel

Nutricosmetics for Facial and Body Flaccidity: Firms your skin

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What is facial nutricosmetics?

As its name Nutri+Cosmética says, it is "cosmetic is ingested" and acts from the inside at a cosmetic level, to improve the health and beauty of the skin. And today, it is a powerful ally for our well-being and beauty. In this case, we are talking about facial nutricosmetics, which would be indicated to recover the firmness of the face.

The main benefit of these supplements is to provide our skin with some nutritional supplements that are not easily obtained from food and can help to maintain some qualities of the skin, slowing the effects of natural aging.

In addition, this type of care from the inside can also be very effective in taking care of the body, as it allows regenerating the skin of the whole organism.

We are very fortunate that today, many dietary supplements help us to be fully healthy: those that help stop hair loss, fat burners, tanning enhancers, etc., and there are also great supplements designed for the beauty of the skin and body. Let's talk more in-depth about those that are formulated for a beauty objective.

Facial nutricosmetics

This type of nutricosmetics helps us to delay aging and combat the signs of expression that are accentuated with age, wrinkles, sagging, loss of brightness and thickness in the skin, and spots...

It is a global action treatment that acts from the inside, as its effect is noticeable throughout the body, unlike cosmetics that have a localized action.

We are very used to using creams, serums, and facial masks, mainly for the face, but their great defect is their ability to penetrate the dermis. In contrast, nutricosmetics provide many ingredients that support the skin from its deeper layers and structures, such as collagen and elastin fibers.

Therefore, opting for a facial nutricosmetic treatment is crucial to improve the condition of facial skin, which is always exposed to external agents and is the most damaged over time.

The most common components of nutricosmetics are hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C... among other vitamins and minerals with high antioxidant power. The shape of our face begins to change due to the loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Body nutricosmetics

One of the great advantages of nutricosmetics is that it also helps us to take care of the skin of the body, even the organs, since the ingredients are absorbed and distributed throughout our body. The effect is not only on the face; it is much more global.

That is why at Glo, as experts in body care, we have developed nutricosmetics for body care. Our TOP product, most desired for its powerful firming and rejuvenating effect is Skin 910 collagen firming, lifting effect. And the best thing is that the effect is logically noticeable on the face, which suffers the loss of firmness more acutely than the body.

Skin910 comes in powder form to be able to ingest a sufficient amount of hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin (5–10 g), as well as hyaluronic acid and DMAE (800 mg per dose!!). The flavor is mild and is achieved naturally without adding sugars, artificial sweeteners, or flavorings, which, honestly, makes it taste richer but is not good for health and less if taken daily.

The dosage is 10 g per day, being able to take twice as much if we are at a time when we notice that the skin is very damaged. Once we begin to notice improvement, we can take 10 g.

The packaging is very convenient and allows you to take it for a full month (300 g). It is dissolved in half a glass of water at room temperature and taken immediately.

What distinguishes Glo's Skin 910 Firming Collagen from the rest?

In Glo, for the manufacture of our nutricosmetics, we use a patented process called "CHEMICAL FREE PATENTED PROCESS" that avoids the use of artificial actives, sugars, or filler ingredients that do not provide a beneficial effect for the organism, such as aerosil, maltodextrin, sugars, acesulfame K, etc., as well as the chemical transformation of the active ingredients.

On the other hand, to the maximum naturalness of the ingredients, we add that we do not skimp on using them in the necessary dosage so that they are effective in less than a month, and we can start noticing results after taking 1 bottle.

Also, we select for formulation the best and most innovative ingredients on the market, registered trademarks that ensure the quality of the product from its cultivation, harvesting, fishing, etc., and processing, which also ensure the effectiveness of its assets through comprehensive clinical studies.

If you like to take care of yourself, feel good, and reach your birthday healthily while maintaining your beauty, you will love this pure collagen, which is very rich in ingredients of maximum effectiveness. Go ahead and try it; in a month you will notice the change!