Nutricosmética Antiedad: Rejuvenece tu Piel con estos Consejos

Anti-Aging Nutricosmetics: Rejuvenate your Skin with these Tips

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Nutricosmetics is already a trend in Spain as part of the anti-aging or wellness care routine, although it is still behind France or the United States where it has been very common to take care of oneself from the inside for years.

Slowing down aging naturally to feel better is nowadays easier, thanks to the evolution of nutritional supplements. Nutricosmetics, so called because of their great effectiveness in skin care, are food supplements that act as a cosmetic "to be ingested", to take care of our external appearance from the inside. Moreover, their effect is not focused on the area where we apply a cream but on our whole body simultaneously.

How are anti-aging nutricosmetics presented?

Nutricosmetics are presented in capsules, powder, and drinkable vials... making their ingestion much easier. Their ingredients pass through the digestive system, incorporating their active ingredients into the blood, which reach the layers of the skin providing multiple benefits.

As in everything we consume, there are different qualities and sometimes confusing messages that make it difficult to determine the differences between them due to the regulation in Spain, which allows communicating the same benefits although the amounts are minimal in some and sufficient in others. For that reason, it is crucial to know how to read labels well and choose consciously.

Some ingredients serve to mask the flavor, reduce the cost of mass production, increase the dose at a low cost, and contain artificial preservatives, etc. The ideal would be to choose nutricosmetics that do not contain aerosil, maltodextrin, added sugars, or artificial preservatives (E-...) because they serve no purpose, do not bring any benefit to our body, and sometimes are even bad in the long term.

The active ingredients can be registered trademarks or not. The advantage of registered trademarks is that they guarantee the quality of the product from its harvesting or fishing, processing, conservation, and clinical studies that support its effectiveness and allow for adjusting the dose properly to have results. Therefore, there are nutricosmetics whose results are noticeable after a month of taking them and others are not.

In general, the effects of nutricosmetics are not immediate, they need some time to begin to perceive the results, especially the anti-aging ones should become part of the daily care routine.

The effects can be:

  • Slow down the biological aging process.
  • Provide the necessary nutrition that the skin requires, along with its regeneration.
  • Contribute to the recovery of elasticity, smoothness, and vitality of the complexion.
  • Boost the skin's physiological production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastic fibers.
  • Improve the structure, firmness, and density of the dermis.
  • Prevent and improve circulation problems that directly influence the acceleration of aging, which are: aging due to lack of circulation and aging due to edema.
  • These treatments are more economical than expensive aesthetic interventions, which also carry implicit risks of surgery.

All this, with long-lasting action, since, after the continued and constant use of nutricosmetics, the desired results are achieved.

How to choose the most suitable anti-aging supplement?

The most crucial ingredients when talking about anti-aging are hyaluronic acid and collagen. These should be among the first components included in the product. It is advisable to opt for nutricosmetics rich in collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and minerals, aimed at promoting hydration, repair, and limiting cellular oxidation.

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen promotes protein absorption and contributes to skin rejuvenation, minimizing wrinkles and providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. It is better to choose collagen of marine origin of registered trademarks that guarantee its quality and effectiveness (e.g. Peptan).
  2. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the connective tissue of our body, where 50% is located in the skin, having an extremely crucial role in moisture retention.

As the years go by, the body stops manufacturing both, hence the brilliant idea of supplying them with nutricosmetics.

  • Both ingredients, collagen and hyaluronic acid, need the joint presence of vitamins to be properly assimilated, especially vitamin C.
  • If the ingredients are enriched with antioxidants and enzymes essential for the body, all the better.
  • The supplement must indicate sufficient daily amounts of active ingredient ingestion for its formula to be optimal in the organism and produce the desired result. When registered brands are used, these doses are supported by clinical studies.

How to maintain healthy collagen levels

Collagen is the main component of skin and connective tissue: it forms up to 70% of both. The normal aging process begins to occur when collagen reserves start to break down in our body. Collagen degradation usually begins in our thirties but can occur faster or earlier due to environmental factors, especially sunbathing.

How collagen loss leads to skin aging

The process of collagen loss is called collagen fragmentation. As the skin ages, collagen fragmentation accelerates and the skin becomes drier and less resilient.

The first sign of skin aging is the loss of the youthful "glow" often seen in the teens and early twenties. It continues with an increase in skin dryness, thinning of the skin, and the appearance of fine lines, which eventually develop into wrinkles once collagen reserves are severely depleted and the skin loses elasticity.

Collagen depletion essentially translates into reduced skin thickness.

Can collagen degradation be prevented?

The answer is yes, collagen degradation can be prevented.

You can start by eating a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, and vitamin A, which prevents sun damage to collagen reserves.

Avoid sun damage to the skin (photoaging), which is solely responsible for most of the early degradation of collagen. Just two daily doses of sun can accelerate the aging process. The best defense against the sun, which destroys collagen, is not to overdo sunbathing, and make sure to use sunscreen and SPF face creams, even in winter.

Tobacco, is the enemy of your skin. Smoking directly harms collagen production and has the added effect of accelerating expression lines around the mouth.

Many beauty treatments on the market try to prevent the effects of aging, but, unfortunately, the skin will always age; the question is how fast. Hence the concept of wellaging, "good-aging".

Addressing fundamental problems, such as poor diet, smoking, and too much sun, can slow down the process and delay the signs of aging. In addition, collagen supplements can help the body replenish lost collagen stores.

If you like to take care of yourself healthily and feel as good as possible about your appearance, do not hesitate to start taking a good beauty nutricosmetic, do not know which one to choose? we recommend Glo Skin 910, which reinforces its effect with a powerful lifting effect thanks to the incorporation of DMAE in its 100% natural formula, without any non-functional ingredient added, with Peptan, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Goji berries, Silicon ... in a month you will notice the change.