El mejor colágeno para la piel

Collagen, what is it and what effects does it have on the skin?

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. As the years go by, the ability to synthesize it decreases and, in certain situations (overweight, excessive sports activity,...), wear and tear accelerates. It is an essential skin protein, and it is recommended to take it as a complement to the diet .

Surely you already know that collagen as a supplement is the most favorite trick of celebrities to take care of their skin from the inside . In fact, more and more women are joining this beauty routine for its great benefits.

woman with firm skin thanks to using glo's Skin 910 collagen

Supplements are increasingly being used to enhance beauty, as it has been proven that they are much more effective than cosmetic treatments . In France, 48% of the population already uses supplements to enhance their beauty, becoming the leader in the consumption of nutricosmetics at the European level.

  • The most in demand were the tanning enhancers to protect the skin from the sun and achieve a uniform and beautiful tan, and those related to stopping hair loss and the most special ones, to have uniform and spot-free skin.
  • Now the most in demand are anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products , such as hydrolyzed marine collagen with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and nutrients, and Omegas.
These products enhance the beauty of the skin from the inside and their benefits are reflected on the outside, and not only on the face, but throughout the body. Its action is very GLOBAL .
Combining nutricosmetics and cosmetics means hydrating, strengthening and nourishing your skin both inside and out to enjoy maximum results.
Collagen, together with elatin, form the support "the cushion" of the skin, and when the amount in the body decreases , wrinkles and sagging appear.

1. Why should we take collagen supplements?

A-It is not easy to absorb it in meals.
On the one hand, foods that contain collagen are consumed in small quantities (fish skin and bones, cartilage in meat, broths, jellies...). On the other hand, the collagen that we eat in food must first be hydrolyzed, to be bioefficient and able to be absorbed by the body. This means that it must be fractionated into amino acids.

B-Collagen is lost with age
Collagen loss begins at age 25, and 1.5% begins to be lost per year of age. To prevent, it would be a good time to start taking hydrolyzed marine collagen supplements.

The loss becomes more pressing after the age of 40 , where the oxidation process also begins to manifest itself. From this age onwards, it should already be an essential basic.

collagen loss effect with age in the skin

The intake of collagen combats sagging, not only of the face, but of the entire body.

loss of collagen over the years

There are studies that show that it increases the density of dermal collagen fibers and helps suppress the damage caused by radiation to the dermis. Collagen also helps to improve muscle mass and strengthen all the fibers around the joint, which helps to support it and prevent it from being stressed as much.

C-Beauty benefits of taking collagen

Collagen is like "drinking a cream" whose effects will be felt throughout the body, not just the skin, providing luminosity, hydration and firmness. If not, we will also improve the elasticity and health of all the tissue in our body, such as arteries, veins and organs.

It is important to choose a good collagen, a registered brand, such as Peptan, that assures us of the quality of the raw material used and that has clinical studies that demonstrate its effectiveness.

Clinically tested benefits of Peptan hydrolyzed marine collagen specially designed for skin beauty:

skin benefits of taking marine collagen

On the other hand, it will improve the shine and flexibility of the hair, and the strength of the nails .

Also, we will notice an improvement in the appearance of cellulite, by helping to recover the elasticity of the fibrous septa, responsible for the "orange peel" dimples.

D-It has no contraindications and is for life
At the recommended doses, these supplements have no contraindications, except allergies to any of the components of the preparation, such as fish.

It can be taken continuously for as long as you want . Experts recommend taking it regularly since it has been shown that when we stop taking it for 15 days our collagen levels begin to decrease again .

2. What is the most suitable collagen?

It is amply demonstrated by numerous studies that collagen from marine species is much more effective than bovine , porcine or plant collagen since it has the aminogram most similar to that of humans.

Of those extracted from fish, the most important are type I and type II. Type I collagen is found mainly in bones, tendons, cornea, intervertebral discs and skin.

Type II collagen is the main component of cartilage tissues , although it is also found in intervertebral discs and in various embryonic stages.

With collagen supplements the dose is much higher and more effective than what we can ingest with food and, in addition, we make sure that the one we take is effective for what we want: Generally type I and III for the skin , and type II for joints

3. Which brand of collagen is the best?

Ideally, it should be a registered brand hydrolyzed marine collagen, such as Peptan ®, which ensures sustainable fishing and adequate collagen hydrolyzate and treatment. In addition, they contain reliable studies of the effects on the skin and body of each type of collagen.

4. Marine collagen alone or enriched?

At 25 years old it can be taken alone, but from 35-40 years old it must be enriched. Ideally with Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE (the latest star ingredient discovered for skin and muscle firmness), Silicon and Vitamin C that help fixation, Inulin (hydration)....

Tested benefits of DMAE for the skin:

benefits of DMAE lifting and firming effect

The best formulations based on hydrolyzed marine collagen contain other ingredients that improve the effectiveness of collagen, such as hyaluronic acid (has a structural function and provides firmness), vitamin C (favors collagen synthesis)...

What we have formulated at GLO, Collagen firmness Skin910 , is an excellent complex of nutritional supplements of natural origin, without additives or artificial preservatives or sugars, for skin firmness, with a lifting effect , which improves the luminosity of the skin, the It hydrates, prevents sagging and contains antioxidants that protect it from aging. Especially effective thanks to the high contribution of DMAE, with a powerful lifting and firming effect.

Our laboratory expert advises combining the collagen-based formula with Omega 910, Krill Oil , with high content of Omega-3 DHA and Astaxanthin (antioxidant) so that the cell membranes are healthy and flexible, and the skin is hydrated. .

The biosoluble Omega 3 from Krill Oil are naturally absorbed by the body and spread naturally to the skin. The phospholipids of this type of Omega-3 are part of the cell membrane, providing softness and elasticity, and build the hydrolipid film, the thin layer that covers the surface of the skin, which is so important for hydration and makes make the skin feel soft.

This type of Omega 3 does not repeat, does not have a bad taste and is very easy to take.

5. How much collagen should you take per day?

The ideal is to take 10g a day . Young people (25 years and older) who start taking it to prevent the appearance of wrinkles can take 5g.

Since there is so much, it is usually better to take it in powder or liquid, since many capsules should be taken to equal the amount.

6. When do you notice the effects of taking collagen?

The effects are immediately noticeable , although the benefits of nutricosmetics are perceived more and better in the long term, the collagen intake begins to be noticed in 10 days in the hair and nails .

After 15 days the skin is perceived as more hydrated and elastic and in a month it is noticed that its firmness improves. And in 2 or 3 weeks , on our skin and, in the joints, after 6-8 weeks.

The ideal is to take it for 1 full month to notice the effect. Once this time has passed, we must think of this supplement as a basic in our beauty and health ritual .