Omega 910 mantiene la piel hidratada y elástica

The power of krill oil for the skin

Krill oil for skin health? the latest great discovery, the power of this wonderful ingredient to keep the skin hydrated and elastic on the face and body.

A healthy and hydrated skin is a symbol of beauty and health. An elastic and hydrated skin prevents us from being seen with a dull, gray tone, or that the dryness of the skin makes it brittle and sensitive.

The skin is especially very sensitive when the winter months approach, a time when the skin suffers from the cold. Environmental stress greatly affects the state of the skin.

Being the largest organ in our body, the skin is our barrier against the world, covering us from head to toe. The skin plays a very important role in many functions of the body:

  • helps regulate body temperature
  • fight infections
  • maintains the body's water levels.

Apart from its internal functions, the skin is a reflection of our general well-being on the outside. A healthy complexion not only looks and feels pleasing, it also indicates, in part, that we are healthy.

What exactly does it mean to have healthy skin?

Dry skin, which occurs when the skin is unable to effectively retain moisture from water, is one of the biggest concerns among women. The ideal would be to have a uniform tone and texture, in addition to being hydrated, moisturized and firm.

Proper skin cell function equates to better water retention.

Nourishing skin cells from within is vital to ensure proper barrier function and water retention, which helps skin look smoother and visibly healthier, as well as feel softer.

Healthy skin maintains a good functioning of its barrier, retaining moisture. On the other hand, when the barrier is not good, the skin becomes dehydrated.

Moisture loss in damaged skinMoisture loss in damaged skin

How do the marine phospholipids in krill oil contribute to skin health?

As a natural complex of marine omega-3 phospholipids EPA and DHA, choline, and astaxanthin, krill oil supplements can improve skin health. In fact, these little red capsules help maintain healthy levels of hydration and elasticity in the skin, and have anti-aging properties.

Phospholipids are a component of the cell membrane structure, which in turn forms the skin barrier.

phospholipids are part of the cell membrane

Phospholipids are one of nature's most powerful humectants, meaning they can help retain moisture, supporting the body's natural hydration process and promoting the skin's barrier function.

Omega-3s support proper lipid function in skin cells, helping to increase the skin's ability to retain moisture, as well as increase hydration and skin barrier effectiveness in skin cells. Omega-3s help maintain healthy skin cells from within and have proven benefits on skin elasticity, smoothness, and inflammation levels.

Astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant, acts on all layers of the skin to help protect skin cells from free radical damage. Astaxanthin helps improve the skin's resistance to environmental factors. It also contributes to the skin's ability to replenish important components that help maintain hydrated, smooth, elastic and younger-looking skin.

Choline, an essential nutrient with a multitude of functions in the body, can regulate the volumes and water content of our skin cells and is therefore essential in helping to maintain skin hydration levels.

Marine phospholipids act at the level of skin cells deep within the skin layers to help maintain hydration, elasticity and optimal barrier function, reducing water loss and improving the lipid barrier.

For all these reasons, krill oil is much more effective than any cosmetic to maintain skin hydration. Effect of krill oil versus topical cream on skin health

Omega 910 Krill Oil is our latest innovation, a complex of marine phospholipids with omega-3, choline and astaxanthin to nourish the skin from within. The Superba Boost marine phospholipids that make up Glo's Omega 910 have been clinically shown to improve skin hydration, elasticity and water retention.