Cabezales del dispositivo Glo910, para qué y cómo usarlos

Glo910 Heads: Benefits, Functions and How to use it

If you are intrigued about what accessories you can use with your Glo910 device and what each one is for, this article is for you.

As you already know, Glo910 is the first device for home use that is effective in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat, with visible results on your body, in a very short time, endorsed by thousands of women who have included it in their care routine. body, as well as by the clinical tests that certify it.

Glo910+ works magic on your body, thanks to the deep subdermal massage that mobilizes fat and accumulated toxins, all of which are causes that create the cellulite process. It achieves this, above all, thanks to its powerful motor (up to 800 rpm) combined with its treatment heads.

Glo910+ includes 4 treatment heads with adjustable intensity and phototherapy, which make it possible to combat orange peel skin, localized fat (belly, saddlebags, love handles...), swollen legs, muscle pain and improve circulation.

It is also the only device that combines massage and phototherapy (SLIM tech® technology), an innovative combination of photoluminic energy, which penetrates at different levels of the skin, stimulating the creation of collagen and the elasticity of the connective tissue. In turn, it stimulates fat burning in adipocytes, enhancing the reducing effect of the massage. This technology is non-invasive, it does not emit heat, so it does not have any contraindications.

Glo treatment heads, what are they and what are they for?

CELLU-ACTIVE® (anti-cellulite head)

This head is the most effective for the treatment of cellulite, based on a professional kneading technique that reduces the fat that forms cellulite.

Its body shaping action makes it an effective tool for domestic use with a powerful anti-cellulite, reducing and remodeling action. Above all, very easy to use even by inexperienced hands. Helps to achieve a flat stomach effect, a slimmer waist and a more even, smooth and soft skin

Cellu-Active is ideal for:

  • Smoothing any "orange peel" skin and reducing cellulite.
  • Reduce localized fat, such as abdominal fat or hip fat.
  • Stimulate blood circulation and return.
  • Reduce volume, remodeling the body.


  • It should always be used on clean, dry skin (no creams or oils) to ensure maximum effectiveness and depth with upward strokes.
  • Focus more on any "rebellious zones"
  • It should never be left still in a single area of ​​the body, it should always move loosely, in the direction of blood circulation.
  • Start the massage with medium speed and gradually increase it.
  • Avoid bony areas.


The Cellu-Active head can cause bruising during the first weeks of application, especially in the hardest cellulite areas. This is because between the fat nodules there is a micro-circulation that is tight and suffers, and can be affected by deep massage. This is normal, and is only cosmetic. The bruises will disappear and stop appearing as health is recovered under the skin.

CELLU-DETOX® (Draining Head)

This head is key for the anti-cellulite massage to be more effective; helping the body to drain and expel the toxins retained in the body.

In addition, Cellu-Detox is indicated for the combined use of creams and oils, multiplying their results. It can be used both for relaxing massages and for specific treatments, increasing the penetration rate of these products.

Cellu-Detox is ideal for:

  • Deflating the legs, and eliminate the retention that makes our legs feel thicker and heavier, thanks to its powerful draining action.
  • Reduce localized fat in the abdominal area, where the Cellu-Active head can be intense.
  • It is ideal for treating edematous cellulite, with a lot of fluid retention.
  • It is ideal to start treating painful cellulite or to pre-heat the area to be treated.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Reduces volume, especially in the legs. Ideal if your legs feel swollen in summer due to the heat, or if you are standing for a long time.
  • Muscle toning and relaxation


  • It can be used alone or with creams or oils.
  • It should never be left still in a single area of ​​the body, it should always move loosely, in the direction of towards your heart.
  • Always apply with upward movements from bottom to top.
  • Can be used on the arms to tone (from the elbow to the armpit). In the abdomen area, make different movements, such as from side to side of the waist, or make circles around the navel in a clockwise direction.
  • Avoid bony areas.

Other Applications:

Cellu-Detox is great for athetes to use right before an intense workout. This helps to prevent any injuries by warming up your muscles.

BODY BRUSH® (Exfoliating dry body brushing)

Innovative body exfoliation head, with soft, fine and flexible natural fiber bristles, which exert a certain pressure on the body, dragging dead cells and impurities until healthy skin emerges to the surface. The skin thus recovers its youthful, radiant and luminous tone. Combined with the massage exerted by the Glo910 motor, the exfoliation is carried out in just 10 minutes and effortlessly.

Dry brushing tones the body, activates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, relaxes, detoxifies and increases the effectiveness of anti-cellulite treatment. Body exfoliation removes dead skin, small pimples and skin imperfections disappear, significantly improving the appearance of the skin, which looks smooth and radiant.

In addition, this treatment leaves the skin with the perfect base to apply moisturizers or tanning creams, helping these products to achieve the perfect finish that every woman wants.


  • Use on dry skin
  • Ideally, use treatment head 1 to 2 times a week, right before going to sleep or taking a shower.
  • On zones where you have cellulite: An energetic and frequent dry brush massage is a great way to help smoothen the appearance of cellulite.
  • Can be applied all over the skin, except on areas like your chest and neckline.

    SOFT MASSAGE (For delicate areas)

    This versatile head for the Glo910 device can be used according to the needs of each woman. Perform a gentle relaxing massage and a gentle dry exfoliation.

    Soft-Massage is ideal for:

    • Activate the lymphatic system before the anti-cellulite massage.
    • Relieve pain in the abdominal area, caused by menstruation, gas or constipation.
    • It is ideal for relieving muscle pain and contractures.
    • Relieve pain in the soles of the feet, for example, from wearing high heels for many hours or having plantar fasciitis.
    • Carry out a treatment (ideally combined with phototherapy) in the décolleté area, neck (double chin), jaw contour... at minimum speed.
    • Although it is not designed for the face, it can be applied to the cheek area to relieve pain and tension in case of bruxism.


    • Use at a slow or medium speed.
    • Always use without any creams or oils.
    • If using near face, make sure your hair is up and away from your face, so that it does not get stuck on the head as it is rotating.
    • The head can be washed with regular unscented soap and room temperature or cold water. Leave to dry and place back on the device once completely dry.
    • Can be used all over the body, including bony areas, like your knees and ankles.

    COOL LEGS® (criomassage head)

    With the Cool Legs head, thanks to the exclusive Motion Cryotherapy ® technology, you will forget about tired and heavy legs. This new and patented head is not included in the Glo910+ device but can be purchased separately. For the first time, with the Cool Legs applicator, it is possible to apply cold on the move by performing a massage that lightens the legs, providing freshness and a pleasant sensation of well-being.

    Cool Legs provides instant coolness and relief that lasts for hours, and can be applied to the skin or even over socks. It also allows the use together with creams and oils.

    If you suffer tired, heavy, swollen or painful legs, our cryomassage head is your solution. These problems are especially critical in hot weather, pregnancy, after a long-haul flight, if you work many hours sitting or standing, if you have spent a long day standing or sitting.This head must be stored in the freezer, inside its bag, and thus it will always be ready to be used when we need it.

    The massage rollers contain a liquid that cools in the freezer and provides us with more than 10 minutes of cold massage.

    It is very easy and comfortable to use, and it does not have any of the inconveniences that applying cold with ice or another method on the body can have. In addition, it is not a static application, but at the same time that it applies the cold, it performs a gentle drainage massage.

    What effect does cold massage have on the lymphatic system?

    Thanks to the cold, the ducts that form the lymphatic system deflate and reabsorb the liquid that had been retained. And thanks to the massage, this liquid is mobilized and expelled naturally through urine and sweat.

    Cool Legs is ideal for:

    • Deflating your legs, and eliminating the retention that makes our legs feel thicker and heavier, thanks to its powerful draining action.
    • Stimulates blood circulation.
    • Reduces volume, especially in the legs. Ideal if your legs feel swollen in summer due to the heat, or if you are standing for a long time. Muscle toning and relaxation.Improves blood circulation, can be used for legs with varicose veins.Immediate relief of pain and swelling in feet and legs.

    • It can be used alone or with creams or oils.
    • If you suffer from tired, swollen legs, poor circulation, varicose veins... use together with Glo's 910 Revitalizing for Legs Serum.
    • Always apply in upwards movements from the bottom up

    Other Applications:

    Cool Legs is great for athletes as a warm up massage to help prepare your muscles for that intense workout. Great for cyclists and elite athletes.

    Cool Legs has been tested by physiotherapists:

    • It deflates the muscles if they are inflamed and loaded due to sports effort.
    • It allows to eliminate the fluid retention of the muscle, before performing the sports massage.