modo de uso de masajeador anticelulítico Glo910

How to use Glo910 anti-cellulite massager and get the most out of it

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Do you have in your hands the Glo910 device and want to get the most out of it to take care of yourself? We help you to solve your doubts, and we explain you some expert tips. You will see that it is really easy.

Glo910 is designed to provide you with a great wellness and care for your body and figure. It is not only effective in treating cellulite, but also allows you to deflate your legs, improve circulation, exfoliate the skin and other health and wellness applications.

What does Glo910 do in your body?

Glo910 provides a deep subdermal massage that mobilizes fat and accumulated toxins, thanks to its design and powerful motor (up to 800 rpm). The accumulation of toxins and liquids in the tissue is the cause of the cellulite process, so it is vital to drain them, in addition to break the fat.

glo910 modo de uso

Glo910 is revolutionizing the way we take care of our bodies, and is perfectly compatible with other professional treatments. It will help us achieve results and keep these aesthetic and health problems at bay.

It is always important to read the instructions for use that come with your Glo910 device, in addition, we love to share on social networks and on the web tips and tricks to help you take care of yourself with your Glo910 massager Follow us on Instagram and don't miss anything!

Glo910 device heads

The first thing to get the best results from the device is to understand the use of its heads. The Glo910+ model has 4 interchangeable massage heads for different treatments:

CELLU-ACTIVE: Anti-cellulite and slimming massage, acts in depth on fat nodules.

CELLU-DETOX: Actively stimulates drainage and smoothes soft cellulite. Can be used with oils and creams, enhancing their effectiveness. Indicated for muscle toning and deflating legs.

BODY-BRUSH: Professional dry exfoliation in just 10 minutes. Stimulates circulation, tones, exfoliates, smoothes and revitalizes the skin. It is recommended to do it once a week dry.

SOFT-MASSAGE: Designed for micro-exfoliation and lifting of sensitive and delicate areas (décolleté, neck, face, hands, etc.). Pain relief in legs with varicose veins and muscle contractures. Ideal if you suffer from pain in the sole of the foot due to high heels or plantar fasciitis.


In addition to the massage triggered by the heads, Glo 910+ includes an innovative combination of dual photoluminescent energy that penetrates at different levels of the skin stimulating collagen creation and elasticity to the connective tissue. This NASA-tested technology activates the energy of the cells (mitochondria) to both create new collagen and activate fat burning of mature adipocytes.


  • The device should be used on clean, dry skin.
  • Plug in the device, it has an extra long 3m cable for ease of use.
  • Select the head.
  • Turn on and select the intensity you need with the power regulator (from 200 rpm to 800 rpm).
  • Activate the Dual phototherapy (infrared and red LED). It can be used for all treatments and heads. DOES NOT EMIT HEAT. No contraindications.


1. PRE-WARMING: We start by massaging the area with the CELLU-ACTIVE head at medium speed on clean and dry skin. We slide our Glo 910 device in upward direction, slowly holding it firmly. DO NOT PRESS it against the skin (if we press it too hard we will only cause it to overheat and activate the safety device that turns it off when it reaches too high a temperature).

2. ACTIVATION: We increase the intensity according to our tolerance and insist on the areas with cellulite. Always glide from bottom to top. Slide the device over the skin, while making circular movements, making sure that we completely cover the treated areas.

PRECAUTION: DO NOT keep it on the same area because it could cause rubbing due to friction. We must always move it even if we are working on a specific area, such as the buttocks or the buttocks, where we will insist a little more.

3. DRAINAGE: In the final phase we will use the CELLU-DETOX draining head to help drain what we have moved in the previous massage. The main objective of lymphatic drainage is to stimulate the lymphatic system to increase the elimination of liquids and toxins that sometimes accumulate between the cells. To perform lymphatic drainage, very soft and superficial movements must be made.

This is the ideal moment to apply creams or oils, especially if they are oily, since the device will allow us to apply them in a comfortable and very effective way. During the lipo-massage, local heat is produced, causing the pores to dilate, increasing the penetration rate of the creams, which is why they are more effective if applied at this stage.


  • In areas where the skin tends to sag, use the CELLU-DETOX head with the Oil 910 Body Sculptor massage oil. A linear upward massage, always from bottom to top. This massage helps the lymphatic system to mobilize and drain toxins.
  • If desired, a preparation phase can be included at the beginning of the treatment with the SOFT-MASSAGE head. We will mobilize the retained toxins, activating the lymphatic and venous circulation of the area before attacking the accumulated fat. In addition, this head allows us to work the bony areas such as ankles, knees, shins ... it is advisable to use it at the beginning to stimulate the lymphatic system, start from the ankles, then continue along the inside of the calf, continue working the area around the knee where liquids tend to accumulate and go up the inside of the thigh to the groin.
  • If your cellulite is hard, start with the CELLU-DETOX head to soften the fat. The objective is to knead the area so that it heats up and the fat separates from the skin more easily.
  • Drink plenty of water, the treatment will be more effective by helping the lymphatic system to expel toxins and fat. You can use Glo's organic slimming teas, which enhance this effect thanks to their fat burning and draining properties.

Frequency of use

The success of this treatment lies in consistency, it is recommended to perform the treatment between 15-20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week. We recommend a daily treatment for the first month. Over time, we can space out the massages by performing fewer sessions per week.

When will I start to see results?
From the first week you will begin to notice softer and smoother skin. With this lipolytic massager the accumulation of fat is reduced very significantly and although we will surely notice results from the 10th session, these will be evident from only the 4th week of treatment.

"In short, Glo 910+ is a quick and painless device that applies a powerful, non-invasive massage that fights cellulite and adipocytes very effectively, achieving a radiant and luminous, uniform and firm skin. Glo 910+ is the only effective solution to combat cellulite and accumulated fat, clinically tested and that you can apply in the comfort of your own home."

Ixone Elosegui - GLO co-founder

Contraindications of Glo910

  • Glo910 is an electrical massage device, as such, it should not be used when you have a pacemaker, as a preventive measure against possible electromagnetic interference.
  • Glo910 stimulates the blood circulation, if you suffer from thrombosis, it is better not to stimulate the circulation.
  • If you are taking anticoagulants, the Cellu-Active head may cause bruising.
  • If in doubt, consult your doctor.
  • Photoluminescent therapy has NO contraindications, does not emit heat, and can be used even if you have varicose veins.
  • Can I use it if I am pregnant? Yes, it is ideal for taking care of your legs during pregnancy, but obviously, it should not be used on the abdomen.
If you still do not have the Glo 910+ device at home, it is available in our online store where you can enjoy a virtual consultation service with one of our experts FREE with your purchase, valued at 30€, which will help you get the best results from day one.