Celulitis en el Embarazo: Cómo evitarla y combatirla

Cellulite During Pregnancy: Prevention and Remedies You Need To Know

During pregnancy it is normal that cellulite begins to form or worsen, mainly because it tends to retain fluid, especially in the legs. In these months there are important changes in the body that favor the accumulation of liquids and swelling of the legs, the first cause of cellulite.

cómo prevenir la celulitis en el embarazo

Cellulite does not start by gaining more kilos, as you may think, but it starts with fluid retention and toxins, which is the main trigger of the process. Cellulite, also called orange peel skin because of the padded and uneven appearance of the skin, occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. It tends to affect the legs and buttocks more, although it can also be located on the belly and arms.

Cellulite is usually resistant to dieting, and can be found in both thin and thick people, because it is not directly related to excess weight.

cómo tratar la celulitis en el embarazo

Women are more prone to cellulite because of the arrangement of the fibrous septa, which is different between men and women. There are external factors such as stress, sedentary lifestyle and fast food that promote the appearance of cellulite, but there are many other causes inherent to each woman herself, such as genetic or hormonal.

During pregnancy, there is a tendency to retain fluid, especially in the legs, which tend to swell. This retention causes a series of processes to begin in the deeper layers of the skin, which generate hypertrophy of the adipocytes (fat cells). This hypertrophy means that the adipocytes increase in size and quantity, bulging the skin.

cómo tratar la celulitis en el embarazo

On the other hand, microcirculation worsens as it is trapped between the hypertrophied fat nodules, causing poor tissue oxygenation and loss of elasticity of the fibrous septa, which pulls the skin inward, producing dimpling.

In addition, during pregnancy, prolactin is produced, a hormone that helps prepare the mammary glands for lactation, and also stimulates the formation of fat cells, which promotes fluid retention in the fatty tissues, making women more prone to develop cellulite in pregnancy.

How to prevent and treat cellulite on the legs during pregnancy?

Preventing and treating cellulite during pregnancy will help you avoid having cellulite on your legs after giving birth. It is important to take care of yourself during these months, when you will have more time to dedicate to yourself than once your baby is born.

The problem, generally, is that there are several treatments that cannot be applied during pregnancy. One of the best treatments is to have at least once a week a lymphatic drainage massage on the legs, which will deflate the legs and prevent cellulite from forming.

During this stage it would be good if you can walk daily or swim, drink plenty of water, and always take care of your diet.

cómo tratar la celulitis en el embarazo

It is important to avoid swelling of the legs, you can help yourself with treatments such as pressotherapy or drainage massage, and even, if you already have cellulite, combine it with an anti-cellulite massage.

cómo prevenir la celulitis durante el embarazo

At Glo, we care about women's health and wellness, and we have solutions for you to take care of yourself during pregnancy. These treatments will help you both to prevent and treat cellulite, and you will also feel good by deflating your legs, feeling lighter and relieving the heaviness.

How can Glo help you during pregnancy to treat cellulite?

1. Draining massage with the Glo910+ device: first step to lighten the legs, to reduce swelling and to prevent cellulite from developing.

2. Anti-cellulite massage with the Glo910+ device: if you have cellulite, take advantage of these months to apply the fat burning massage with the Cellu-Active head.

3. Dry exfoliation with the Glo910+ device: once a week you can apply this treatment.

4. Relaxing massage on feet, ankles and knees. With the softest head, soft-massage, you can massage your ankles and the soles of your feet to deflate them, and go up the inner thigh to the groin to relieve lymph.

5. Cold massage to deflate legs and activate circulation. The patented cryomassage head allows you to apply a massage that combines cold and massage, and will greatly relieve swollen legs, and the feeling of heaviness.

You can enhance the effect by combining the treatment with Serum910 to revitalize the legs. Suitable for use during pregnancy, it will help improve circulation and reduce edema (fluid retention), preventing the appearance of cellulite.

Do not stop taking care of yourself during pregnancy, you will be grateful later, when you notice that your body has not developed cellulite or that it has improved. You don't have to stop being beautiful and attractive just because you are a mother, you are starting a new stage of your life, a wonderful one in which you can continue to look splendid.