Claves para eliminar la celulitis

The Top 3 Cellulite Treatments, According to Dermatologists

If you have tried several treatments to eliminate cellulite and they have not worked at all, and you feel a little frustrated, do not despair, this article will interest you.

There are ways to improve dimples and your figure in general, and we are going to explain them to you right now. But, first of all, you have to be realistic and know that you have to do your part to make them work.

It's not a matter of obsessing about having a perfect body, far from it, it's about accepting ourselves, loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves in order to look good. We can achieve a healthier and more beautiful body by taking care of ourselves. We deserve to take time for ourselves, to feel good in our own skin.

But what is cellulite really?

You may be surprised to learn that cellulite is not so much about fat. Yes, you can be thin and have cellulite, you know that, don't you? "Cellulite is a local alteration found in the hypodermis (deep layers of the skin). This alteration manifests itself as 'orange peel skin' and can be due to different factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal factors, hereditary ... this alteration occurs when there is a problem of blood and lymphatic circulation, and degeneration of collagen fibers," explains Dr. Bleker, dermo-aesthetic doctor and founder of the Laser Institut in Switzerland.

Why does cellulite appear?

Well, the answer is both easy and complex: congestion around the fat cells. "Cellulite is not about fat, it's about circulation," explains Dr. Bleker "When the lymphatic circulation is slow or not working well waste accumulates in the interstitial space, which causes the fat cells to grow in size and quantity, causing the bumps on the surface we call cellulite."

Therefore, cellulite is not directly related to overweight, a slim and athletic woman can have cellulite. Few women are lucky enough not to suffer from it at some point in their lives.

The lymphatic system is the body's waste elimination system, but it only moves when you move, so if you spend all day sitting at a desk, it is easier to develop cellulite. Likewise, lymphatic function is hindered by hormonal activity (especially during menopause), stress and an unhealthy diet (filling your body with processed foods, high in oils and sugars, can slow down the lymphatic system).

Can cellulite be improved?

At Glo, a female-founded techno-beauty brand for body care thanks to research, we discovered that the key is to improve lymphatic circulation with a method that helps reduce the size of fat cells, such as the massage that is achieved with Glo910 techno-beauty devices. This massage is incredibly effective in improving the appearance of cellulite. Alternatively, the Oil 910 super slimming oil can be used with the Cellu-Detox drainage attachment to release trapped fluid around the cells and reduce cellulite. The lymphatic drainage is super effective, many of our clients have reported immediate improvements after using the Glo910 device along with the oil."

It is important to act on the causes that lead to cellulite

How do anti-cellulite products work?

For cosmetics to penetrate the dermis, it is proven that it is important to have well exfoliated skin.

As Dr. Bleker explains, "The skin must be well exfoliated, free of dead cells and impurities for the best penetration of the anti-cellulite. The ideal application will be through an upward massage from knees to thighs with circular movements, pressing but without pain in a slow and patient way".

This is why Glo developed the Body Brush dry exfoliation head, which allows you to perform a professional dry peeling in just 10 minutes and without effort.

The key to success is perseverance

The key to eliminating cellulite is constancy and there is no excuse. With cellulite, there are no miracles, it's all about being constant and having healthy habits with food, excercise,...

Glo wants every woman to be able to apply a professional anti-cellulite treatment at home.


Do not expect miracles if you do not have good habits.
The treatment you choose may be the best, but it will work more efficiently in combination with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. Generally, we use anti-cellulite products and continue to have bad habits, which makes it very difficult to break the cellulite process.

What are bad habits? Eating fats and flours (especially wheat), which are harmful to the body, drinking little water, drinking alcoholic or carbonated beverages, not eating vegetables and fruit?

A sedentary lifestyle also has a negative influence, which is a cause of the appearance of cellulite. Keep in mind that walking 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace is enough to be active, you don't need much more.

So don't expect to get magical results if you use some anti-cellulite treatment and at the same time consume junk food and don't do any physical activity.

Be patient

We usually look for anti-cellulite treatments that work magic, when the important thing is to know that patience and perseverance are the keys to success.

All treatments need a little time to begin to have the effect we want. Consistent women end up getting good results if they find the right treatment for them.

Also, we must be aware that the treatments will not be the same depending on the type of cellulite we have. We will have to be more patient the more cellulite we have.

Don't know what type of cellulite you have? Take the cellulite quiz to learn more about your body.

We must be constant We keep insisting on this!

If we are not going to be constant, no treatment is going to work for us.

Sometimes we notice good results after a professional treatment because we go for the sessions we paid for, and we take care of our diet during this period of time.

But, just when we start to notice that the cellulite improves, the treatment ends and we stop taking care of ourselves, because we do not continue any treatment at home.

As it is a progressive process, cellulite will reappear, and we will have to repeat the treatment, without ever getting out of this vicious circle.

We must look for an effective treatment that fits our routine, that helps us to be constant.

Having clarified these points, let's get to know the treatments that work, if the previous premises are followed: good habits, patience and perseverance.


A) REDUCER MASSAGES: the most effective treatment:

This is one of the most effective methods to eliminate cellulite. We just have to do it correctly, which is not easy, without being experts.

Professional cellulite massage is an option, but few women can afford to go several days a week to a specialized salon.

At home, we can learn to perform some massage maneuvers. The first thing we must achieve is to drain the legs, as fluid retention and toxins are the main cause of the appearance of cellulite.

In a second step, the nodules that form the cellulite must be kneaded deeply in a rotating and ascending direction.

It is normal, if done correctly, that bruises form or it hurts a little, in the areas where the cellulite is harder.

If we do not have time or experience, there are devices that can help us to make this task much simpler and more effective.

Not all home massagers are the same, not at all! From Glo we designed our device as women, understanding perfectly what worries women, and what our body is like. In addition to our experience in developing techno-beauty devices, we collaborated intensively on the project with dermo-aesthetic doctors and physiotherapists, and we tested its effectiveness with an independent clinical study, because we are only interested in helping women to take care of themselves, providing maximum efficiency solutions that work. Now, thousands of women already endorse the effectiveness of our device.

A good massage device can be a great ally in your fight against cellulite, and even to reduce the volume of the legs and abdomen, tone and relieve tired legs.

We give you a few guidelines that you should look at to choose a good body massager, and that is a good investment and not an absurd expense (the cheap, you can get very expensive because it does not work!)

Regardless of the aesthetics, sound level, ergonomics, etc., which are important to make the massage more comfortable to apply, the key points for it to be effective are:

1. POWER: the motor should have a range of revolutions per minute, between 200-800 rpm in order to be able to adapt its power to each type of cellulite, each treatment accessory and each phase of treatment.

Most home massagers do not have a sufficiently powerful motor and therefore cannot break up the hypertrophied fat nodules affected by fibrosis.

When we perform the anti-cellulite massage, we first start with a medium speed to soften the fat and preheat it, then we will move on to treat it with maximum intensity. It is VERY IMPORTANT to finish the massage draining, for which we will use a medium speed again, and even the softest one to stimulate the lymphatic system.

2. SIZE MATTERS: so that the massage can be performed effectively and in a not too long time, the head should have a dimension of about 10cm in diameter.

3. ACCESSORY DESIGN: Not just anything goes, the heads have to be able to reproduce the manual massage in the best possible way.

  • Anti-cellulite accessory: On the one hand they will make the deep and circular massage part as if they were the professional's knuckles, and on the other hand, between them there is a light suction effect that helps to improve fibrosis.
  • Draining accessory: it allows to drain the toxins and liquids retained in the legs helping the body to expel them. It can be made of different materials, more or less soft, depending on the area to be worked on.
  • Exfoliating Accessory: it is advisable to include the dry exfoliation treatment in the routine.

The right combination of features 1, 2 and 3 is the most important thing to consider when choosing an anti-cellulite massager.

4. INFRARED: If the device includes this function, they must be real infrared, not simple lights. They are not cheap elements if they are of quality. Infrared is a complement to the treatment because it is able to stimulate the energy of the cells (mitochondria) which will help in two aspects:

  • Improve the collagen synthesis of the tissues, so that they regain elasticity (they are responsible for the "dimples").
  • Improve the activity of fat cells, so that they do not age and can burn their own fat.
5. TESTED RESULTS: many massagers claim to be effective but do not prove it, they have nothing to back them up, no clinical studies, no real before and after photos, no honest opinions from real people... you have to be well informed before trusting.
If you are interested in learning more, discover Glo910, the lipomassage device that is revolutionizing cellulite treatment at home. It is easy to use and faithfully reproduces professional massage maneuvers, a great ally to improve the appearance and health of our legs.


  • RADIO FREQUENCY: the domestic radiofrequency is not like the professional one (Indiba for example) since the intensity of the professional devices is between 0.3 and 100 MHz, and for this reason it has not yet been found to be effective. RF helps to improve cellulite fibrosis. The energy is transmitted between two poles, and emits 3 frequency levels that penetrate under the skin. By heating the deep tissues, it improves local blood circulation and promotes drainage.
  • CAVITATION: These are the application of ultrasound at very low frequency (between 30-70 KHz) and at a high power, around 5W/cm2. If it is sufficiently intense (which does not occur in domestic appliances), they form gas and steam bubbles which can cause the adipocytes (fat cells) to burst and fibrosis to be destroyed. Subsequently, it is advisable to drain the waste produced.
  • ELECTRO STIMULATION: there is an erroneous thought that it is slimming, electro stimulation is designed for athletes and for muscle recovery. It does not replace exercise, it is a complement to it. In no case does it act on fat.
  • PRESOTHERAPY: It is a natural and non-invasive treatment, like massage, and is presented as an alternative to lymphatic drainage. Pressure therapy can help fight cellulite by reactivating the circulatory system and draining toxins. It is important that the pressotherapy boots are of very good quality, if they are not perfectly calibrated they can be counterproductive, and they must cover the English, to stimulate the lymph nodes well.
If you are thinking of trying RF or Cavitation, it is more advisable to invest in a professional treatment and combine it with an effective home treatment to maintain the results and keep improving, thanks to consistency.

B) ANTI-CELLULITE COSMETIC: a complement to massage

Slimming creams work but they are not miraculous. The skin is a protective barrier, which prevents their penetration. Therefore, it is difficult for their active ingredients to penetrate to the deep levels where cellulite is located.

Keep in mind that to start using a slimming cream you must be very clear about your needs and the area to be treated.

It is very important to apply them with the appropriate massage maneuvers so that they penetrate as well as possible.


They can be of great help, in other countries like France or the United States they are taken regularly, and in Spain they have come to stay, since those that are of quality, help from the inside to reach where food or cosmetics can not reach.

Choose them NATURAL (without additives, without sweeteners, without added E- type...) and with pure natural extracts.

D) HEALTHY DIET: fights cellulite and much more

The third treatment, and not for being the last is the least important is the diet. With a good diet we can contribute and help to eliminate the dimples that give an orange peel appearance to our skin.

The diet is essentially based on:

Diet rich in protein, fiber, vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoid fats (especially trans fats), flours, excess salt, sugar (be careful! It is present in many packaged foods because it is a cheap preservative). Forget about precooked and fried foods.
Drink water (2 liters/day): it will help us not to retain toxins and drain the body, in addition to keeping the skin and body hydrated.
Include certain foods or drinks that have a diuretic effect: such as horsetail, lemon, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, celery, tomato, cucumber, apple ....

One of the advantages of the diet as an anti-cellulite treatment is that we will not spend a lot of money and, thanks to it, we will eat in a much healthier way.

In the long term, it will improve our health and our skin, and you will feel full of energy. As they say: "We are what we eat".

We can't pretend to be slim and cellulite-free if we eat poorly. Think about giving up habits such as eating pastries, cookies, putting sugar in coffee, yogurt or milk... eating precooked and packaged food, fried food, fizzy drinks...

There is also nothing wrong if we indulge ourselves from time to time, we will enjoy it without any conscience or consequences in our organism.

All these treatments are effective if we are willing to do them as they are, without excuses or complications.

If we follow them, we will see a remarkable improvement in our health and in our body. Don't you dare to start now?