Avoid false and unhealthy advice, and learn some rules to stay slim without much effort.

According to experts, a healthy diet is the key to losing weight and keeping it off in the long term; eat everything in small quantities. The reality is that few people are able to maintain their weight after a diet, but by following a few simple tricks it can be achieved.

I don't know if you knew, but treating yourself to a delicious chocolate cookie, or any craving for that matter, one day isn't going to ruin your figure as much as incurring bad eating habits...it's more important to learn how to eat well on a daily basis, and not worry so much about the calories in a meal or whether or not you should be eating something.

We are going to review the most infallible and easy tricks, which will make you forget about the permanent diet.

1. Do not skip any meal

The body is programmed to survive periods of hunger, it is very wise! If you skip a meal, your body goes into "energy saving" mode, slowing down your metabolism.

Solution: Eat something every 3-4 hours.

2. Don't end a bad day with a binge

When you're nervous, you need to get energy quickly, so you want to eat foods that are very rich in sugar and fat (chips, sweets, cookies...) After eating them you feel good, but happiness is short. And all the energy that you haven't burned in that time goes to the Michelin, turning into localized and rebellious fat, which is then so hard to get rid of.

Find out why stress can make you gain weight.

: When stress makes you want to eat, eat fruits and vegetables.

3. Cheating yourself on the calories you eat and spend

While there are many other issues that can be directly correlated to a lack of physical activity, an increase in adipose tissue is actually a bit different. As a matter of fact, this increase cannot be attributed to a lack of physical activity, but rather a reflection of an excessive intake of calories. 

Quite often, we tend to either overestimate or underestimate our caloric intake. In other words, we tend to think that we either burn more energy than we really spend, or underestimate the calories of some foods that we eat.
: Don't fool yourself, be realistic.

4. Not planning

Choosing to just go instead of taking some time to cook and plan meals never ends well. This lack of planning your meals only ends in you choosing unhealthy fast food options that only leave you feeling bloated and gross.

: Learn to section off times of your schedule to meal prep for the week.  

5. Not drinking enough water

We often forget to drink enough, and the body needs fluids to stay hydrated inside and out. Lack of hydration dries out the skin, but also slows down intestinal transit.

Although many people believe that it is the other way around, not drinking enough water causes the body to retain liquids so that it does not get dehydrated or hinder the blood flow or lymphatic circulation

: drink 2 liters of water a day (it's only 8 glasses)

6. Spending a lot of time sitting

Sedentary life is the cause of many health and beauty problems. It's obvious, if we don't move, we don't spend energy. If we do not burn the calories ingested with food, they will be transformed into body fat. In addition, sitting or standing for a long time causes fluid retention in the legs, often triggering the cellulite process.

: Exercise! Not only does it burn calories, it also raises your metabolism, and will make you feel better. Walk, swim, climb stairs, use the bike... it's not that complicated.

7. Little sleep

It is scientifically proven that not getting enough sleep causes you to gain weight, and vice versa, sleeping actually helps you lose weight!

With insufficient rest, adipocytes (fat cells under the skin) lose up to 30 percent of their sensitivity to insulin. When this happens, the antilipolytic action of insulin stops.

It also increases the feeling of hunger and the preference for foods rich in carbohydrates.

: Sleep 8 hours a day, it has to be restful sleep, that is, night.

9. Avoid snacking
Eliminate pastries, sweets, ice cream, chocolate bars, salty snacks (especially chips), sweets, etc. from your reach. In general, they are full of trans fats, excess salt and/or sugar.

: Go shopping without being hungry, to avoid the temptation to buy this type of food. Not having them at your fingertips will help you.

10. What to choose in a restaurant
In a restaurant we find some points that if we do them frequently, our health will thank us:

  • It is very difficult not to eat the bread before almost starting to eat, it is better not to have it at hand.
  • Avoid wine, beer, carbonated drinks, juices with sugar... Always ask for plain water without gas.
  • The dessert after the meal, even if it is fruit, makes you gain fat. Avoid dessert. If it is a fruit, you can eat it for a snack.
  • Normally, the quantities and calories of a first and second course are usually greater than what we need.

It is best to start with a salad, and then a grilled or baked fish or fillet…. Or combine two first courses, salad and some legumes, for example. Be careful with salads, sometimes it is not easy to know what ingredients are going to be used, like Caesar salad, since some dressings can have a lot of calories.

It's as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and industrial fats. Any improvement in habits in this sense will cause a detoxification of your body, which does not necessarily mean losing weight. Of course, any healthy diet that causes a long-term loss of body weight will be detox.