Siete tratamientos para eliminar las cartucheras y la celulitis

Seven treatments to eliminate carcinomas and cellulite

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Worried about getting rid of love handles and cellulite? This area causes the most problems for women due to the accumulation of localized fat. Sometimes, we only worry about cellulite or varicose veins when the good weather arrives, and it's time to wear a skirt without stockings and a bathing suit; however, the love handles are visible all year round, even when dressed, distorting the silhouette of women.

First, let's briefly explain what carcinomas are and why they appear, to understand what treatments can help us eliminate them.

What are "love handles"?

We colloquially call the localized fat that is located just on the lateral area of the hip "love handles". Their appearance is closely related to the estrogenic hormonal condition of women and to certain racial groups in which cartridge bags are more frequent. For example, the Nordic woman has less tendency to have carucher but the woman of the whole Mediterranean basin has more tendency to have carucher.

Specifically, cartridge pockets are an accumulation of fat (lipodystrophy) in a localized area of a woman's body, on the outer sides of the hips and upper thighs, areas where fat accumulates more easily.

It is one of the body areas that most concern women, as they alter the harmony of the silhouette because they widen the size of that area of the female body.

Why do only women have love handles?

The accumulation of fat in this localized area usually begins to appear in adolescence and intensifies over the years. This form of fat accumulation in the trochanter region (love handles) is practically exclusive to women due to the high hormonal component of estrogens. In fact, men do not usually accumulate fat in this area.

Are love handles related to being overweight?

This aesthetic problem is not related to being overweight or having a few extra kilos. A person with a normal weight or even being thin can present this accumulation of localized fat that distorts the silhouette locally.

Why do the carcinomas appear?

As we have mentioned, female hormones are normally the main cause, but it is not the only cause that can provoke their appearance. Genetics is also a significant factor, much like in the case of cellulite.

The origin of the accumulation of this fat comes from prehistoric times, a type of deep fat that women developed to ensure pregnancy, that is why it is so closely linked to estrogen and genetics. It is a body area genetically programmed to accumulate energy to ensure the viability of pregnancy in situations of prolonged starvation.

Similar to the formation of cellulite, love handles grow in size and quantity due to the accumulation of deep fatty tissue. On the one hand:

  1. The deep fatty tissue of the hip hypertrophies: the adipocytes, fat cells, grow in size because they accumulate more lipids.
  2. And hyperplasia: the adipocytes multiply and increase in number.

Again, as in the case of cellulite, other factors may favor its appearance or make it worse, such as unhealthy habits:

  • Sedentary lifestyle: spending many hours sitting, standing, or not practicing exercise can favor the appearance of cartridge cases.
  • Food: An unbalanced diet, very high in saturated fats, sugars, fried foods, etc., can cause the fat generated to accumulate in this localized area and cause the appearance or worsening of the cartridge cases.
  • Fluid retention: this problem, which is the main cause of the appearance of cellulite, affects our weight and figure, as it increases the volume, causing us to swell. But it also favors the appearance of cartridge cases.
  • Others: circulation problems or wearing tight clothes, are some of the other many causes that cause the appearance of the cartridge cases.

How to get rid of love handles?

If we consider how to reduce the cartridge cases, we must know that they are not easily reduced with diet and exercise because it is a body area of women, genetically programmed to accumulate energy.

Eliminating localized fat in a certain area of the body, such as the sides of the hips, is difficult with diet and exercise, since weight loss is usually general and not in a localized area. Sometimes, even being slim and taking care of ourselves, our body may tend to accumulate some fat in the hips, since the main cause of its appearance is usually genetic and hormonal.

Although reducing the hips is difficult, it is not impossible, and we will see how it can be achieved.

Of course, following a healthy diet, walking to work, going for a run, going to the gym, buying firming creams, or having a treatment from time to time is very good for your health and figure.

Surgical methods for the removal of cartridge cases

1. Liposuction is a way to remove localized fat from a specific area of the body, such as the buttocks. Like any step in the operating room, it has its risks, and basically, it consists of suctioning with a cannula the fat in the area to be improved, but other tissues of the treated area, can be absorbed at the same time. It does not leave visible scars, since very fine cannulas are used to extract the fat, leaving hardly any marks on the skin. After liposuction, a compression garment must be worn for about a month or a month and a half, no sports, and avoid sun exposure during the first days after the operation.

After the liposuction, you should also drink a lot and follow a rich diet, low in fats and carbohydrates. It is advisable to massage the area with cold (ice).

2. Lipolaser (laser surgery) is also a medical-aesthetic treatment used to eliminate localized fat. It is a method that helps to eliminate excess fat from the female silhouette with precision. This technique, is performed under local anesthesia and sedation guided by an anesthesiologist, without hospitalization. It uses third-generation ultrasound to liquefy the fatty tissue, which facilitates the aspiration while keeping intact the rest of the tissues (connective tissue, nerves, ...).

Are there other solutions or is it only possible to undergo surgery?

1. Radiofrequency: At a professional level, radiofrequency can also be used, which consists of applying electromagnetic waves that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin through a device. Its main function is to activate fibroblasts, the natural production of collagen, and blood circulation.

Thanks to this activation, the regeneration and improvement of tissues is favored, increasing skin elasticity and reducing flaccidity and cellulite in the treated areas.

This treatment promises the reduction of localized fat, thanks to the heat generated by the technology used by the professional radio-frequency equipment, which combines multipolar radio-frequency with magnetic pulses to transform fat into energy.

2. Cavitation: It is a technique for the elimination of localized fat and flaccidity through a technology that emits low-frequency ultrasound that helps dissolve fat cells. The waves penetrate the tissue, causing the implosion of the cell membranes of the adipocytes, to liquefy the fat and expel it through urine.

For it to work, it is vital to drink water after each session and, ideally, get a drainage massage to help expel the fat. As always, taking care of your diet and doing some exercise is crucial to achieving and maintaining results. It is usually done between 10–15 sessions.

3. Professional suction massage

The area where the cartridge cases appear usually coincides with the appearance of cellulite; this type of equipment, such as LPG, tries to reaffirm, reshape, and tone the body.

To apply the treatment, you must use a mesh, which is provided in the salon you go to. The head performs a massage with suction, to stimulate the mechanisms of the cells, release excess fat, and activate circulation.

As for the number of sessions, it usually takes about 10–15 sessions; each session costs approximately $70-80.

Is there any method to preform at home?

For home use, to lose weight only where you need it most, we have as an option a good anti-cellulite massager that can also act on localized fat, similar to LPG, for example.

As we have seen above, the deep fat in this area is hypertrophied, as the adipocytes increase in size and quantity, causing the effect of "cartridge or pistols". Restoring the healthy metabolism of these fat cells will help to reduce localized fat.

Quality home appliances are a great investment as they allow constant treatment at home with good results. Among the home appliances, the three best are:

1. Wellbox, by Endermologie. RRP $1,349. It has heads with rollers and suction, which can regulate its intensity.

2. Masster Plus by Fit4ever. RRP $857. Performs a deep massage to activate circulation and activate drainage, activating the reduction of localized fat.

3. Glo910, by Glo. RRP $369. Combines deep subcutaneous massage technology with dual phototherapy that combines infrared and red light, which penetrate at different levels under the skin, activating the energy of the cells. Between its massage wheels, it also produces a suction that facilitates the elasticization of the connective tissue. Effective without creams or oils, although it can be used in combination with them.

Also, it is highly recommended for application after laser lipo or lipo suction, to promote drainage and maintain results.

It has an exclusive cryotherapy head, Cool Legs, which uses the patented motion cryotherapy® technology that allows massage with cold in motion, to drain, activate circulation, and treat painful cellulite. It is also a great help to apply massage after surgery.

Don't let time go by and start taking care of yourself, to define your body shapes where dieting and exercise fail to improve results.