Glo Cellu-Detox
Glo Cellu-Detox
Glo Cellu-Detox
Glo Cellu-Detox
Glo Cellu-Detox
Glo Cellu-Detox
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Glo Cellu-Detox Cabezal Drenante

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Actively stimulates drainage and smoothens watery cellulite. It enhances effectivity of creams being applied on the legs. ANTI-TOXINS, ANTI-INFLATED LEGS

Head with parallel smooth rigid silicone discs, designed to target the most painful cellulite, activate lymphatic drainage, and overcome sagging arms and thighs.

Cellu-Detox is indicated for the combined use of creams and oils, enhancing its results. It can be used for both relaxing massages and specific treatments, increasing the penetration rate of these products.

Cellu-Detox is indicated for athletes, as a treatment prior to intense physical exercise, avoiding injuries by pre-heating the muscles to be exercised.

This head is also suitable for foot massages (foot reflexotherapy), which does not only produces a great feeling of relaxation and well-being for tired feet, but also has an amazing effect on the rest of the body.

General recommendations for use:

Use with or without cream.

Suitable for legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

When applied on the back, it is very effective for the treatment of low back pain, if used in combination with anti-inflammatory creams.

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Cabezal Cellu-Detox

Me encanta este cabezal, gracias a su masaje linfático reduce la celulitis considerablemente,además noto la piel más firme y tersa.


Me ha reducido mucho la celulitis acompañado de lo aceite de glo, lo recomiendo muchísimo.