Omega 910- Antarctic Krill
Omega 910- Antarctic Krill
Omega 910- Antarctic Krill
Omega 910- Antarctic Krill
Omega 910- Antarctic Krill

Look elastic and moisturized skin

Omega 910- Antarctic Krill

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It cares for skin hydration and elasticity, a beauty basic at any age.

Glo donates to Daughters Rising NGO to help combat the heartbreaking status quo of on-going sex trafficking in Chiang Mai, Thailand, giving the Karen girls there an opportunity to rewrite their future through an education program.

Ultra-concentrated, pure Antarctic Krill Oil Biomarine Pearls, our latest innovation to nourish skin from within. A complex of marine phospholipids with Omega-3, choline and astaxanthin with proven benefits to improve hydration, elasticity and water retention in the skin.

It helps ensure proper hydrolipidic barrier function (acid mantle covering the last layer of the skin) and water retention, which helps the skin maintain moisture, a smoother and visibly healthier appearance.

These tiny red pearls help maintain healthy levels of hydration and elasticity in the skin, and have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Krill oil also provides many health benefits for your heart, brain, liver, joints and more.

The secret? the power of marine phospholipids for skin care!

Anti-aging action

High antioxidant power, which protects the skin from photo-aging and environmental factors.

Elastic Skin

They act by integrating into the cell membrane, improving the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Moisturized skin

The skin recovers its optimal hydration level, retaining moisture and the proper functioning of the hydrolipidic barrier.

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