¿Cómo quitar la celulitis en los glúteos?

How to remove cellulite on the buttocks?

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It usually happens that we start to worry about cellulite when spring arrives, and at this time, we get the urgency, because during the winter, it is easy to go more covered to leave us a little in this aspect. For this reason, perhaps, cellulite of the buttocks is one of the great things forgotten until the time comes.

However, the key to reducing cellulite is to be consistent and, ideally, work on it all year round, especially in the winter. Cellulite, can be greatly improved, if you use the right products and are consistent (in the cupboard, they don't do anything, that's for sure!).

Cellulite is a chronic physiological disorder that usually has a strong hormonal component (although not always) and consists of an alteration in the metabolism of adipocytes (fat cells) and fibrosis of the tissue (which hardens), increasing the internal pressure of the tissue. It can appear in different, areas of the body, but it is more common in the thighs and buttocks, which have dimples typical of "orange peel". Cellulite is triggered at a deep (subcutaneous) level and is related to fluid retention and poor micro-circulation. It can be a complicated problem to treat, but it is not impossible. And it can certainly improve its appearance, if treated properly.

The causes can be several: hormonal (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, etc.), having sedentary lifestyle habits, not eating a proper diet, having to work many hours standing or sitting, or simply genetics.

As it is a chronic process, if nothing is done, it will inevitably increase, so it is crucial to take care of yourself and not let it go.

How to remove cellulite from the buttocks? Treatments to improve it

Professional treatments can improve the appearance of orange peel skin, acting on the causes that produce cellulite in the buttocks, but you have to be consistent with the sessions, which is sometimes a problem because you have to make an appointment, travel, and often require a significant investment of money. You have to combine them with exercise, follow a diet rich in protein, and have healthy habits that should be followed for everything to work. In addition, it is necessary to make an effort to maintain the results, for which maintenance sessions or treatments to use at home are usually recommended.

Although it may be difficult to achieve the goal of eliminating it completely, depending on the case, we can always prevent it from increasing over the years and stop the process. It is especially important to take care during the hormonal changes that occur during a woman's life, such as pregnancy, weight changes, taking contraceptives, and menopause, which can cause it to appear or worsen.

There are several professional treatments that fight the problem of cellulite in the buttocks and buttocks temporarily and that work for buttocks and buttocks. Thanks to a device that uses various technologies to work at a deep level, on the causes that produce cellulite. These devices act from the outside to improve local circulation, decrease tissue pressure, and eliminate fluid retention, which favors the metabolic exchange of adipocytes, so that they gradually return to work properly.

There are mechanical systems, and others, that use techniques such as radiofrequency, microneedling, or shock waves, especially in rebellious areas where cellulite is very hard.

For use at home, one of the best treatments that has revolutionized the market in recent years is anti-cellulite massagers. Thanks to the advance of technology, there are powerful devices with a design capable of acting on the subcutaneous tissue.

Glo's Glo910 device is designed to achieve results at home, as confirmed by the thousands of women who use this device regularly. The key to success is that it manages to activate circulation and lymph, favoring the elimination of retained fluids, which allows reactivating the healthy metabolism of adipocytes (fat cells) so that they begin to release the fat accumulated inside through the lymphatic system. Its massage heads are designed to perform a mechanical massage that also produces a central suction that helps to mobilize fat cells and promote the recovery of the elasticity of the fibrous septa, which pulls the skin inward, forming dimples. This is a real help if you want to be consistent and reduce cellulite in the buttocks or other areas of the body.

Exercises for cellulite-free buttocks of steel

Cellulite in the buttocks can be improved with certain exercises, since sedentary life makes it worse. Anything that helps to activate the circulation of the legs will be positive; just walking every day for 30 minutes at a brisk pace would be a good way to oxygenate the legs and activate them. Try to make some changes in our daily habits, such as walking or cycling, walking up the stairs and forgetting a little about the elevator, in summer, walking along the shore of the beach (better with water up to the knees so that the effort is greater), ... are tricks that can help us greatly improve the beauty of the legs.

Squats are the star exercise to improve the buttocks and also to give firmness. They can be performed with elastic bands to improve their effectiveness, reducing fat and increasing muscle.

We must try not to be impatient; consistency is the key, but having a clear objective must be our great motivation.

Cosmetics to help improve the appearance of cellulite

Normally, cosmetics are not very effective because they act on the upper levels of the dermis, and fail to reach the deeper layers, where the cellulite process occurs. It is vital to apply them with an energetic anti-cellulite massage to improve their penetration. Sometimes, their effect is more aesthetic, softening a little the external aspect of the skin, although there are more and more biotechnological actives capable of penetrating a little deeper.

Anti-cellulite creams usually use active ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, centella asiatica, seaweed, horse chestnut, and even retinol. Typically, those that improve microcirculation, fluid retention, and firmness will help prevent cellulite from developing.

As in all cellulite treatments, to see results, we have to be very consistent and apply them with a vigorous massage until completely absorbed, twice a day, morning and night.

Keys to an anti-cellulite diet

We should not think of the word diet, as stop eating and starve, because it tends to generate anxiety. We speak of diet, as the healthy and balanced way of eating that we should normally carry in our day-to-day lives and that should always leave a margin to give ourselves some joy.

The ideal would be:

  • Drink enough water and infusions, thus avoiding fluid retention.
  • Limit sugar and salt. A diet low in sugar,
  • To consume enough proteins (milk, eggs, meat and fish).
  • Avoid fried foods and bad fats, such as industrial fats (pastries, sliced bread, white bread, especially half-baked, etc.).
  • Eat vegetables and good fats (first cold-pressed virgin olive oil, fish, nuts...).

In short, there are good tools to improve cellulite, and it is key to be consistent in the use of them to achieve results and amortize the time and money invested. Get to work now!

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