Pastillas Bronceadoras para Ponerse Morena en el Sol

Tanning Pills to Get a Tan in the Sun

The sun is a double-edged sword for our skin. Why? It boosts vitamin D, produces a flattering skin tone, and brings us joy and good humor, but we must also protect ourselves from its harmful effects with products suitable for the sunny spring and summer.

Among the harmful effects of sun exposure due to ultraviolet or UV rays is photoaging, which causes spots and wrinkles, or sunburn. UV rays penetrate the outer layers of the skin and pass into the deeper layers, where they can damage skin cells.

Solar nutricosmetics can help us to take care of our skin during sunny times of the year, such as spring and summer, especially if we spend a lot of time in the sun. In addition to protecting ourselves from the sun with sun creams, a basic care that we should never forget, we can include solar nutritional supplements in our diet, providing extra care to our skin.

How does solar nutricosmetics work?

Solar nutricosmetics use different extracts to prepare the skin for sun exposure, protect it from the sun's rays, and achieve a more intense and even tan.

Sun capsules are designed for skin that wants to achieve a more beautiful, luminous, and even tan. They also promote anti-aging and antioxidant action that combats the photoaging of the skin.

It is very useful if your skin tends to turn red when you get the first rays of sunlight, if you find it difficult to get color, for example, on your legs, or if your tan is uneven. If you have very sensitive and delicate skin, they are very useful.

There are different types of solar nutricosmetics according to their action, some intensify the tan, others help to protect the skin and there are also those that offer a more global action (prepare, protect, and enhance the tan).

These food supplements include in their composition:

  • Carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein).
  • Vitamins (mainly Vit C Vit E, Vit K, Vit D)
  • Essential fatty acids that protect the skin from the inside.

To achieve different actions on the skin: antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, self-tanning, and also repair damage caused by solar radiation.

Does nutricosmetics replace sun protection?

No. It should be used as a complement to topical photoprotection by providing homogeneous and uniform protection of the entire body surface.

In no case do nutricosmetics avoid the use of topical sun protection. ALWAYS remember to use sunscreen when exposing your skin to the sun. Dermatologists even recommend using sunscreen all year round on the face at least.

Sun nutricosmetics help to improve the skin's resistance to sun damage and, in combination with topical photoprotection, provide homogeneous and uniform protection of the entire body surface, reaching areas where we cannot apply cream (scalp, eyes, ears, etc.) or where we sometimes forget to apply it.

How should solar nutricosmetics be taken?

It is recommended to take it 1 month before sun exposure and continue taking it during sun exposure. It can be taken all year round as a basic beauty product for the skin and to prolong the tan, especially if you work or practice outdoor sports.

And what treatments will reinforce it while protecting it?

Glo Skin & Sun are natural vegetable capsules to take care of your skin during sun exposure by Preparing + Protecting + Activating your tan.

In addition, they do not carry any preservatives or artificial ingredients; they are vegan, and non-GMO.


  • Prepares the skin for sun exposure.
  • Protects the skin from solar radiation
  • Activates and prolongs tanning
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Reinforces defenses
  • Powerful healing and DNA repairer

It is for you:

  • If you have very sensitive skin, a sun allergy, or very fair skin. Instead of turning red, you will get a beautiful color.
  • If you love sunbathing and being tanned, but don't use sunscreen.
  • If you do sports or work outdoors, at the sea, in the mountains...
  • If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your skin, and want to stop photoaging caused by free radicals, which produce wrinkles, sagging, and skin blemishes.
  • If you have used depigmenting treatments or techniques (laser).
  • If you have hyperpigmentation (spots, melasma, etc.),.

How to take better care of your skin in summer?

There is no doubt that hydration in the summer is essential, especially when practicing sports activities.

We should also use a sun protection cream, avoid the most intense hours of the midday sun, and use a hat, cap, sunglasses, sunshade, etc.

In addition to hydrating ourselves by drinking water, and eating vegetables and fruit, we can supplement the hydration and elasticity of the skin with Omega 3.

Omega 3 from Antarctic Krill Oil, thanks to phospholipids, is a potent natural humectant, which means it can help retain moisture, supporting the body's natural hydration process and promoting the skin's barrier function.

Omega-3s help increase the skin's ability to retain moisture, as well as increase hydration and the effectiveness of the skin barrier in skin cells. Omega-3s help maintain healthy skin cells from the inside out and have proven benefits on skin elasticity, smoothness, and inflammation levels.

Astaxanthin, which is highly present in Omega-3 Krill Oil and gives it its characteristic red color, is a natural antioxidant, acting in all layers of the skin to help protect skin cells from free radical damage.

Astaxanthin helps improve the skin's resistance to environmental factors. It also contributes to the skin's ability to replenish important components that help maintain hydrated, smooth, elastic, and younger-looking skin.