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How to relieve tired legs

If you spend a lot of time standing or sitting, you can suffer from tired, aching legs. And... It's hard to relax and rest when your legs hurt! In this article, we tell you how to relieve tired legs.

Why are my legs tired?

Generally, the cause of tired legs is a decrease in blood flow from the legs to the heart. It happens frequently to women during pregnancy, and also as we get older, but can also be caused by spending too much time sitting or standing, the use of high heels...

One of the main reasons for heavy legs is venous insufficiency, which causes the veins in the legs to have some difficulty facilitating blood flow and sending blood back from the legs to the heart in an efficient way. This facilitates the accumulation of liquids or blood in the lower areas of the legs, causing the sensation of heavy legs or swollen legs. It can also be the cause of varicose veins.

There is a higher risk of venous insufficiency in women due to the direct involvement of hormones, but men can also suffer from it. The symptoms increase with age, as the veins lose elasticity and do not contract as easily as we age.

There are various causes of tired legs and swelling, hormonal, sedentary habits, spending a lot of time standing, working or sitting, long plane journeys, high temperatures, poor diet, smoking...

However, tired legs can also be a sign of other underlying health conditions, so if you experience them frequently, you should visit your doctor to make sure nothing more serious is going on. You can read more about some of the other causes of tired legs in University Health News.

8 tips to relieve tired leg pain

Take a bath!

A hot bath is a great excuse to rest your legs and is very relaxing and soothing. If you use Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in your bath, you will also be replenishing your magnesium levels, as low magnesium levels can contribute to muscle cramps. Some studies have indicated that magnesium levels in the body can be replenished by soaking in Epsom salts.

Enjoy a massage!

Massage can be very helpful in relieving the symptoms of tired legs. Deep tissue massage can help with drainage, reducing tension and swelling caused by fluid retention. This will make your legs feel lighter and relieve pain.

While visiting a professional massage therapist is a great way to get a deep-tissue massage, it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Now you can enjoy a fantastic deep tissue massage at home using the Glo910, which has a powerful motor and interchangeable massage heads, giving you a variety of excellent massage treatments.


Stretching is a great way to keep our legs healthy, and leg stretches can help improve posture, which in turn will reduce the aches and pains of sitting and standing. Stretching the muscles of the hips and buttocks can be very effective, and a gentle yoga class can offer a wide range of stretches. Here is a short yoga class specifically for tired legs: https://youtu.be/2137wAXvufE


Dry brushing can help circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, but using a standard brush can be hard work and can be time-consuming. Glo910 has a Body Brush exfoliating massage head that makes easy work of dry brushing. In addition, it tones your body and improves circulation and the lymphatic system in no time.

Get moving!

Often, tired legs are caused by poor circulation, and exercise will help improve your circulation and make you feel better. If your day involves a lot of sitting or standing, try going for a short walk now and then, so you don't get stuck in one position for too long. Also, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming, etc.—many exercises can help you lighten your legs.

When you are sitting or standing, you can lift one leg and turn your ankle (draw a circle with your toes). You can also put a tennis ball under your foot and move your foot while sitting.

Cool your legs!

Cold therapy is effective for relieving muscle soreness, and when combined with massage, the benefits are even greater. A simple ice pack will provide some relief for swollen legs and feet, but you can get even more relief by using the Glo Cool Legs rotor on your Glo910. Store the rotor in the freezer, and then apply a cold massage when desired. Cryomassage reduces fluid retention and makes your legs feel light and active.

Stay hydrated!

We all know how crucial it is to stay hydrated for our overall health. Our skin and body need about 2 liters of water a day. Also, it can help reduce muscle cramps. So don't forget to keep drinking water all day.

Legs up!

And finally, don't forget to relax and put your feet up at the end of a long day. Not only will it make you feel more relaxed, but it will also help reduce swelling. By raising your legs above the level of your heart, you will help your circulation by using gravity to move blood from your legs to your heart.

Can a cosmetic remove the pain of heavy legs?

If you suffer from tired or heavy legs, poor circulation, or even very dry and flaky skin, you can revitalize your legs thanks to Glo's Serum 910. This ultra-light cream, winner for two consecutive years as the best cosmetic for legs in the most respected and independent international beauty and wellness awards: The ShortList Beauty Awards, will help you soothe your legs.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are the only global beauty and wellness awards that are 100% free of sponsors and advertising. There is no voting; products are judged by industry experts, which is why consumers and retailers trust these awards.

These awards value brands like Glo with heart, ethics, and award-winning formulas for high quality.

"The Beauty Shortlist awards have one important goal: to honor and raise awareness of ethical brands, promote a more organic and waste-free way of living, and provide a 100% trusted, expert-rated guide to the best in beauty and health in a saturated and often over-hyped marketplace."

Fiona Klonarides, founder of The Beauty Shortlist

Advantages of Glo Serum910 Revitalizing Tired Legs

Serum 910 to revitalize and beautify the legs has been formulated specifically to solve the feelings of tired legs, poor circulation, and dry legs. It also helps reduce spider veins and unify the skin tone, making them much more beautiful.

At Glo, we focus on formulas with a high concentration of botanical active ingredients, backed by clinical studies and supported by the most advanced biotechnology, to solve the aesthetic concerns for which they have been formulated.

In the case of Serum 910 Revitalizing for Legs, designed to relieve tired or swollen legs, prevent and improve cellulite, etc., and provide great hydration, in addition to having the most recognized ingredients to improve circulation and edema, such as lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum), Goldenrod and Ruscus, it has as its main ingredient troxerutin encapsulated in ultra-deformable niosomes.

Its light texture and soft citrus scent are due to the natural contribution of Grapefruit, Mandarin, Eucalyptus, Orange, Rose Geranium, and Siberian Fir essential oils.

What are ultradeformable niosomes?

Ultradeformable niosomes are elastic vesicles capable of crossing the stratum corneum and reaching the living cells of the epidermis, which increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients.


The big difference between a conventional ingredient and a niosome active ingredient is that the former remains acting in the most superficial layers of the skin, while the latter penetrates the stratum corneum. In the fluorescent image, we can see the big difference between how a conventional ingredient and a niosome active ingredient act.

What is niosomal troxerutin?

The active ingredient, in this case, troxerutin, is encapsulated in niosomes, which are deformable and penetrate the layers of the stratum corneum until they reach the deepest layers of the skin.

This niosomal troxerutin preparation has been developed to improve the insufficient microcirculation responsible for disorders such as couperose, heavy legs, and cellulite.

Niosomal vesicles increase the stability of troxerutin and improve its bioavailability and penetration into the skin through the stratum corneum.

Thanks to its extraordinary anti-inflammatory, trophic, and antioxidant action on the endothelium, it is useful to promote elasticity and decrease capillary permeability, favoring a physiological improvement of microcirculation and a reduction of edema formation, the main cause of heavy legs, cellulite, and couperose.

In EFFECTIVENESS TESTING of niosomal Troxerutin on swollen legs. A self-assessment clinical trial was conducted, in which a panel of experts composed of 25 people evaluated its effects on the first symptoms of varicose veins. Applying the 3% compound for 2 months, twice a day, decreased itching and heaviness in the legs, less reddened, dry, and thin skin, and less evident capillary dilatation.

Glo Serum 910 is the indispensable companion of the Cool Legs cryomassage head of the Glo910 massage device; together, they transform the legs and provide a great feeling of lightness. It is also ideal for taking care of your legs during pregnancy or after sports.

The legs are sometimes the great forgotten of care during the year, but we must give them a minimum of care to have them beautiful and light.

SERUM910, revitalizing your tired legs

Revitalizing for tired legs

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