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We would all like to have perfect skin, without dimples or cellulite, to erase the orange peel skin on our thighs. To be able to look in the mirror and let it return an image as if it came from Photoshop. But, the reality is that we are not perfect, and most of us have cellulite, to a lesser or greater extent. Which we can either accept it or find ways to diminish it, but we must avoid becoming obsessed as it can affect our self-esteem.

Cellulite is not a disease, but one of the most frequent and serious problems it can cause is low self-esteem. This goes beyond the purely physical issue, because it implies a negative perception of oneself, which can limit us in daily life. It can make us not enjoy life, let go of opportunities to have a good time, such as going to the beach or the pool for not showing our bodies. We don't want anything to be seen, and we think that they are judging and criticizing us, because the most severe with yourself is yourself. Being ashamed of our body and covering it up is not the solution.

Without a doubt, it is good to want to be the best possible, to feel attractive, beautiful and sexy, but without becoming obsessed and, above all, without putting our health at risk. The first thing is to love yourself very much. That will lead you to take care of yourself, to eat well, to pamper yourself and not be so tremendously demanding with yourself.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is what we believe and feel about ourselves, what we think about ourselves, and the assessment that we make of ourselves.

Do you have low self-esteem due to your cellulite? 

  • You feel unattractive. You don't look pretty. You only see your flaws.
  • You are not sure of yourself.
  • You need the approval of others very often.
  • You do not feel happy, well with your body, you would like to change many things about yourself.
  • You've stopped taking care of yourself, you don't fix yourself like before. You have begun to abandon yourself, you have thrown in the towel.
  • You do not make an effort to change what you do not like about your body, you believe beforehand that you will not achieve it and even that leads you to eat things that later give you a guilty conscience.
  • You are going to buy clothes and you do not buy what you would like, because you want to hide your body instead of showing it off (do not confuse this with choosing the clothes that best suit your physiognomy and enhance the most beautiful parts of your body)
  • You have a hard time finishing what you start (diet, exercise, treatments...) since you get demotivated very easily
  • You only look at what you don't like about yourself, instead of what's good about you.
  • You feel evaluated almost constantly in social situations and are very concerned about what others think of you.
  • You envy other women, their bodies, the clothes they can wear... You don't look at those who are like you or worse, only those who have the body that you would like to have. Some of these women are lucky enough to be among the 10% of women who do not have cellulite, but others achieve it with a lot of effort.

If you feel like this, other of your problems may come from this low self-esteem that cellulite has caused you. Let's try to find a solution so that you start to value yourself and believe in yourself.

Besides, you have tools to combat cellulite, which will also help you look better and improve your self-esteem. By putting yourself into action to improve what you do not like, and noticing that it is working, you will begin to feel better about yourself. And you will enter a wheel of self-confidence, which will make you feel very good.

Tips to increase self-esteem

1. Stop beating yourself up and torturing yourself

Do not be so self-demanding, it only leads you to suffer. You have to be realistic with both your strengths and weaknesses. You are not perfect (no one is), but you are not meant to be. The goal is to be happy.

In order to be happy, you must accept yourself as you are. It is important to be aware of how good you are, how good you are. Where does it lead you not to think like that? it only leads you to suffer and miss out on good things in life.

2. Think positive

Change “I can't” to “I'm going to try”, “I'm going to be successful”, “I'm going to be fine”. It seems like a cliché, but forcing yourself a little can help us get out of the negative dynamic.

3. Set realistic goals

And that you can fulfill. Goals that are relatively easy to reach. Little by little you can increase them, and you will see that step by step you are achieving what you have proposed. If you will fail, let's learn from it without blaming ourselves for our mistakes, since failing is a way of knowing how to do it differently the next time. Dare to face challenges.

4. Don't compare yourself

Each woman is a world and there is no one like you, you are unique and wonderful, unrepeatable. Focus on you. In your life. Love yourself, love yourself very much. By envying and idealizing the rest, the only thing you will achieve is to feel miserable.

5. Accept yourself

Write a letter describing everything you don't like about yourself, and everything you feel guilty about. Do not leave anything. Read it carefully and appreciate see what you can improve. Say goodbye to that letter and tear it into a thousand pieces. From that moment on, start from scratch, with everything you have learned but leaving behind the guilt. You're still in time to make a clean slate.

6. Make constructive criticism about yourself

May everything you tell yourself serve to improve, not to stagnate and blame you.

7. Treat yourself with love and respect, always

You are the best thing that ever happened to you, so prove it to yourself. You have the right to be happy.

8. Give yourself time

Do activities that make you happy.

9. Overcome your burdens

Don't live dragging habits you don't like. For example, if eating some cookies or an unhealthy snack makes you feel guilty; take control of the situation, and don't buy it! This way you will avoid temptation.

10. Every night before you go to bed…

…Think about the good things that the day has brought you, the challenges you have overcome, the mistakes you have made and how you can improve.

Try, for 30 days, to put these tips into practice. You will see that when the month is over you will feel better and many of the symptoms you felt disappear. And remember, there is only one person capable of changing your life, and that person is you!

Learn to love yourself! If you need an ally to eliminate cellulite and look better quickly, discover the latest gadget on the market that combats it effectively.