Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
Glo Soft-Massage
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Glo Soft-Massage

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Therapeutic Treatment and Wellness

Experience an exclusive timeout to relax body and mind!

Designed to treat the softest and most delicate parts of your anatomy, the head of small cylinders of soft foam and flat surface, acts effectively on the muscle groups by relaxing them. It not only relieves contractures and muscle pain, but also allows you to enjoy great well-being by providing a gentle relaxing massage on any part of the body, which will allow you to disconnect your mind from the problems and tensions of day to day.

Treatment of muscular and cervical pain.

If you suffer pain in the area of ??the cervical muscles, you notice the contracted, inflamed and sore muscles, it even gives you a headache, this rotor can relieve your symptoms. The softness of the massage sponges produce a vibration that relaxes the contracture without causing damage, while its rotary movement gently kneads the area, quickly relieving the symptoms.

In the same way, it will relieve you if you feel pain in any other part of the back.

Other apps:

Suitable for lymphatic drainage massage of the upper body (arms, neck, pectoral ..)

Relieves leg discomfort with varicose veins.

Suitable for foot reflexology, providing great well-being.

General recommendations for use:

Use with smooth speed.

It should always be used dry, without creams.

Applied on the back, it performs a soft and relaxing massage.

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Mi trabajo me agota los brazos, decidí comprar este cabezal para probar a ver si me aliviaba y noté un cambio brutal en nada de tiempo

Cabezal glo

Único para dolor de espalda y cervical, cabezal super suave, también lo utilizo para las piernas, es una maravilla

Ixone E.
Works very well on my cervical pain

I use to suffer from cervical pain and after doing the Glo massage with the sponges head, I can feel a pain relief. I fully recommend it!