¿Cómo elegir un buen aceite de krill?

How to choose a good krill oil?

Krill oil and its health and beauty benefits are becoming increasingly known, but not all of them are the same and do not provide the same results. In the market, there are different qualities of krill oil and perhaps we do not know how to differentiate them to be able to choose the best, how can we know if the krill pearls we are buying are the right ones for us?

Krill oil is more than just an omega-3 supplement. With choline and phospholipids, the benefits of krill oil go beyond the traditional health-related benefits of omega-3 supplements, such as beauty and sports, they are also highly recommended for the care of women and babies during pregnancy.

Krill oil is a super supplement, as it is ideal for proactively improving health in many aspects: heart, eyesight, brain, joints, etc., as well as the beauty and elasticity of the skin. We may assume that all krill oil products will provide us with the same benefits, but this is not always the case, as many of them are not pure krill oils.

There are many mislabeled products, especially in online sales channels, with mixed krill oil of low quality and concentration. In order not to be deceived and to know if it is pure or fake krill oil, we should pay attention to these aspects.

1. Krill Oil origin

Krill oil is a premium ingredient, defined by its high phospholipid content and concentration.
A high phospholipid content means a superior quality krill oil and confirms its natural origin, i.e. it is not diluted with other oils or soy phospholipids.
Phospholipids are formed with omega-3 and choline, as we can see in this graphical representation made by Superba. Phospholipids are an essential part of the cell membrane, so if they are healthy, the membrane will remain healthy and elastic.

The most important thing is that the krill oil is fresh and pure, ideally from a registered trademark that ensures its origin, process, and purity, such as SUPERBAkrill, which extracts krill from the crystal clear and pure waters of Antarctica with sustainable fishing (ECO Harvesting).

Krill oil labels will indicate whether it is a Superba brand, as well as the amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), choline, and astaxanthin it contains, which are an essential part of the phospholipids in cell membranes.

In the example, the label of Omega 910, from Glo, we can see that it uses Superba BOOST, the purest krill oil on the market, which provides 178 mg of EPA and 82.6 mg of DHA per daily dose (2 pearls per day). With great antioxidant power thanks to Astaxanthin provides the natural red color of the pearls, and Choline is key to the health of the cells of the human body.

2. Understand what you are paying for

It is essential to know the size of the dose and the value of what is being consumed. The purest oil pearls are very concentrated; with 590 mg, they can provide large amounts of nutrients, and they are also easier to take because of their compact size. On the contrary, it is not because the pearls are bigger that they are better.

Within Superba, the highest quality brand is SuperbaBOOST, the premium krill oil, that is pure, natural, and with unparalleled levels of nutrients.

3. The proven efficacy and health benefits of krill oil.

There is a big difference between poor and good quality krill oil. Low-quality krill oil has no health benefits due to the very low concentration of active ingredients, such as phospholipids and omega-3s, whereas, good-quality krill oil with high phospholipid content produces impactful and clinically proven health benefits. As a multi-nutrient supplement, krill oil provides many health benefits, from heart and liver to joints, and brain, but also allows for hydrated and elastic skin, even more effective than any topical cosmetic in maintaining a healthy hydro-lipid barrier.

By the way, Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids are the fifth most researched molecule in history? Krill oil has been analyzed by researchers for 15 years with 60 published studies and 76 patents. It is a health and beauty staple that should not be missing in our daily nutrients.

There are official seals that guarantee the efficacy of Krill oil and the patented extraction technology and purity of the pearl manufacturing process.

Do you already take krill oil and would you like to try it?

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